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Stolzenau to Dorverden, Mittel Weser, Germany Stolzenau to Dorverden, Mittel Weser, Germany

A day of gentle cruising, with a stop in the exquisite town of Nienburg. Originally Nygeborg (literally meaning ‘new castle’, this has led historians to believe there was originally an older one in the near vacinity), as with many of the towns here, its named altered over time. The houses were so quaint! We can’t […]

Minden to Stolzenau, Germany Minden to Stolzenau, Germany

After refilling the fuel tanks at the Minden Boat Club (97km mark on the left hand bank of the Mittelland Kanal when heading in the direction of the Weser). It took a while to sight, as the bowser is set upon a small red trailer. At last it was time for our trip upon the Mittel […]