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Wemeldinge to Tholen: Zeeland, Netherlands. Wemeldinge to Tholen: Zeeland, Netherlands.

28th May to 2nd June, 2018 Kapelle, Nisse Our ride today, took us along the banks of the Zuid Beveland Canal, before the bike way turned to lead us through beautiful farming country, the roadsides of which were bordered by masses of tiny flowers in bloom. Kapelle Upon passing through a cooling woods, the township […]

Tholen to Wemeldinge: Netherlands Tholen to Wemeldinge: Netherlands

It’s been one of those unplanned weeks where the unexpected took place. With Gratis’ insurance due, Bob looked around and found a company in the Netherlands that is much cheaper than using those in Australia and so forth. The only stipulation was that to have full coverage for the hull, we had need to lift […]