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Montec to Toulouse Now On

Night shots of Toulouse

    We arrive in Castelnaudary tomorrow,

Toulouse to Castanet – Tolosan

  With our new fenders not due to arrive at the Port Technique Chandlery until mid – morning, it was a relaxing start to the day. No locks for some distance, an easy commencement to life upon the canal for Jamie who had arrived two days prior. It was only a short distance, but there […]

A bit of Toulouse

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Victor Hugo Market, Toulouse

The day commenced with an early visit to the Victor Hugo Market. What a difference! All stores were open and mouth watering delicacies enticed the taste buds. Fresh vegies of all shapes, sizes and colours. The famous Toulouse sausage, still made according to the original recipe – free of wheat and nitrates, what a boon! Fish […]

Jacobin Convent and Saint Sernin Basilica, Toulouse

As with the towns visited to date, Toulouse had that mix of old and new. Buildings no longer cared for rot and decay as, like ancient sentinels, they cracked and crumbled whilst mouldy odours wafted lazily upon air currents from their darkened cellars to tickle the noses of passers – by. A few rare jewels […]

24th and 25th July now online

After much frustration with the internet, the spiels and images for the 24th and 25th July are now online. Castelsarrasin is now being worked upon. Click the link below and scroll down to the date you wish to read.   Yesterday was spent ambling. No photos this day, for we just wanted to enjoy. […]

Raining here in Toulouse

Grey, rain, thunder and cold here in Toulouse: about 20 degrees. Out looking at bikes. The pic is one of the sites we came across when heading to St Jory.  

Sunday the 26th fully on

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Sorbet With a Difference

In a trip to the Victor Hugo Market in Toulouse today. besides meat, fruit and veg this is what we discovered: sorbets of all sorts and in all sizes and beautifully packaged. So cold, the delicacy had yet to start melting 30 minutes later. It was as delicious as it looked: in fact the best sorbet we’ve […]

Victor Hugo Market, Toulouse

A visit to the Victor Hugo Market this day provided us with sorbet from heaven. Beautifully presented, expensive, but what manna!!!!! Disappointingly, much of the market was closed.

Toulouse Arrival

We arrived in the Canal du Midi and Toulouse Sunday afternoon after yet another interesting bout with the locks. This is a pic of the last lock though which we motored.

St Jory to Toulouse

An early start on a bright sunlit morning, knowing what we’d learnt about the water actions after observing the lock/water flow design St Jory last night the first lock was a breeze. St Jory lock water flow. St Jory lock Put it all together and it looks like this: Lock walls were encased in green ferns, […]