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Bremen to Oldenburg, Germany Bremen to Oldenburg, Germany

After a delightful stay at YC Hansestadt in Bremen, it was time to move on. Tides checked: today it was crucial as we were to go from tidal river into another. Making use of the outward going tide on the Weser, our aim was to then enter the Hünte – some 27 or so kilometres […]

Departing Bremen Departing Bremen

After a delightful few days in which we have made some wonderful new friends, and met with old, it is time to depart Bremen with the tide tomorrow morning.

Dorverden to Bremen, Mittel and Unter Weser, Germany Dorverden to Bremen, Mittel and Unter Weser, Germany

Another easy day. At one stage, the air became a mass of black as two massive flocks of black birds took flight. It appeared as though they were searching for thermals. Without success, the hoard unexpectedly dove into the trees. It was quite a sight! The river banks became the drink and play area for a […]