Excursion in Little G2

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

  Breakfast completed, we loaded Little G2 with a picnic lunch and camera kit. Heading westward we explored the shoreline. With frequent showers falling, it sadly meant my D700 had to remain in the case and I had to be happy using the 1AW1. From the water it is possible to see how rugged Rodrigues is: volcanic rock, evidence of the … Read More

Rodrigues to Mauritius

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Mauritius, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

This sail was a short uneventful one day hop. It was a matter of checking the weather and timing our arrival in Mauritius for early morning. Land fall took place in Port Louis at 10:00am. Images taken as we entered the harbour. Everywhere one looked, were row upon row of Taiwanese fishing boats.

Wharfside in Rodrigues

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

Alongside the wharf, close enough to lean out of Gratis and touch, whilst upon the dock these cheeky critters watched. An exceptionally low tide this morning. The reef was visible on all sides of the anchorage. Fishermen were standing on the seabed collecting their fish from the traps and walked their boats. This morning we bled the hydraulics for the rudder: … Read More

Market Day in Rodrigues

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

Market day here yesterday. Fresh fruit salad for lunch, Bob’s renowned Bean Salad for tea, plus freshly cut pork and beef for the next few days. What more could one ask for!!!! Interesting weather here. Wind gentle at 8 knots, out of the blue rises to 35 knots where it rests for a short time before dropping back to 8. … Read More

Grand Bai, Rodrigues

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

After a slow start to the day, it was a short trip out during the afternoon. This time, we returned to the first area visited last Friday. It was so enjoyable just taking things slowly and enjoying the scenery. At Grand Baie river entrance the tide was out and shells in pristine condition lay upon the sands, whilst crabs sunned themselves in … Read More

La Ferme

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

Sunny skies and warmth were our companions as we set out exploring once more. Pristine bays, mangroves, rugged terrain, eucalypt and sheoaks (Aussie style), greeted us. A short break and a pic or two. We just loved this church An intricate design kept simple and plain. The surrounding countryside.  

Chill in Rodrigues

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

Today we have rediscovered what it means to feel the cold. Soon after departing for what was to be the day’s excursion, down came the rain and fog. Believing it would soon dissipate, we continued on our way. Three hours later, drenched and cold, saw the intrepid duo returning home. That rain has continued into the evening. Better luck tomorrow.

Francois Leguat Tortoise Park, Rodrigues

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

We hired the scooter for the week. After a morning of rain, lunch time saw the skies clearing and we headed for the Francois Leguat Tortoise Park. Once rife with tortoises do thick that one often had to jump from the back of tortoise to another in order to make any progress forward, these incredible creatures and many others – including a … Read More

Drying Out

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

Water always finds its way in. During the trip here, water had entered through the galley window and leeched into the bilge compartment containing most of the canned foods. This particular afternoon saw me removing the cans and placing them in the sun to dry. Bob, meanwhile, chlorinated then used the vacuum cleaner to remove the water. Left open to … Read More

Rodrigues, Our First Exploration

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

This was the day we hired a scooter in order to glean an idea of travelling times and the road state. The main roads turned out to be be in excellent condition, whilst those lesser used were well patched an incredibly bumpy – I found bruises in the most unexpected of places at the end of the day!!! From the higher … Read More

The Ship Departed


In a quick turn around, the ship departed today. It was possible for us to return to our place alongside the dock.

Rodrigues Supply Ship

gratisaustralisIndian Ocean, Ocean Crossings, Rodrigues

With the fortnightly supply ship arriving, it was a 05:30 start to the day for us. Engine on, pushed off the dock and out into the bay all of the yachts headed for the ship required all the turning room available. Out went the tug to meet her. There we sat, engines idling whilst she headed in. Time for some pics … Read More