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The first day we have been able to leave Gratis. 30 knot winds and the showers have died down. Not having a good run with the internet. It is down on Direction Island, so we have to travel to either Home or West Islands. By the time we have travelled to and from, plus the […]

Bob to the Rescue

An island visitor swam out to Gratis. A couple of teens had been swimming in the rip and soon found themselves being swept into the lagoon. Little G2’s motor roared to life as Bob and them gentleman headed out to the rescue. Only  minutes later, the boys were safely ashore.  

Erecting Our Sign

With not many days remaining until our departure fro Rodrigues, it was time to erect our sign, then Bob had a little fun. King Bob Making a phone call. Time for a break. And a selfie.

A Trip to West Island.

A wet dinghy ride to Home Island, Patterns upon the dockside pavers. Loved this dinky little boat. Barge ready for the supply ship. A short stop on the dock was followed by a ferry trip and we were at last on West Island. Water spray upon the ferry windows. A short ride on the local bus […]

From Rain to Sunshine

A morning of rain. Little G2 1/4 filled with water. We all joined for an evening BBQ upon the beach. What a lifestyle! Hermit crabs a plenty, shells in all shapes and forms.   A quick check that all is safe first. There was even a family out for a stroll.   Another storm was a […]

Small Fish A Step From Shore

Some good rain last night. Clouds are clearing and the sun beaming down. It’s so easy to find the exotic fish. One step from the shore and you are in amongst them. Here are my attempts from last night – slowly improving. Next week the real exploration commences and Big Bertha will finally come out […]

Some Shore Time

The shore is alive with Hermit Crabs. It’s amazing the places one finds the critters. A few more water shots. It was a bit murky today.

Repairs and Exploration

The day for repairing the forestay and the winch We explored and attempted some more underwater shots. Less than a metre from shore and this is what you can find. Sunset


The forestay is being repaired this morning.  

Monthly Supply Ship Arrives

The monthly supply ship arrived. With the water depth too shallow and the danger of running upon coral, the ship anchors within the channel just inside the opening. The barge is towed by the blue boat just to the right and berthed alongside, whereby the supplies are unloaded.

Repairs to be Made

Winds are up to 20 knots this morning, blowing the cloud cover and rains away. We are waiting – Bob impatiently so – for the winds to lighten so as we can motor over to the jetty to carry out repairs. He headed up the mast to make modifications in order for the twins to […]

Daily Happenings

More cruisers had arrived during the past few days. After meeting a couple and their crew on an expensive new European luxury Beneteau yacht, Bob felt better about the breakdowns. They had a myriad of failures which included stainless fittings coming off the mast head, broken winches, failed electrics and even hull delamination after a […]

Water Exploration

Bob had a try at spear fishing with no success.

Morning Rising

One arises to an anomaly each morning as the rooster crows; not quite the sound one expects to hear in a tropical paradise. It doesn’t rain in Cocos: it’s a deluge!!!! It’s been a day of intermittent downpours. The beauty of Cocos is that by being in the tropics one doesn’t freeze! Lighting storm this […]

We have arrived in Cocos

An amazing place. All one imagines a tropical Island to be. Some pics to tease.   We are working on the spiel, movies and pics. Hopefully will be ready in a week or so.

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 12

07:40 Cocos Keeling was sighted. A burst of excitement and expectation surged through us. Two hours later, having meandered through the reefs of coral, we were at last anchored only metres from shore in the most idyllic of places as five harmless two foot long Black Tipped Reef Sharks and the largest pelagic fish we […]

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 11

How different could two days be!!! It was an awakening to 8 knots of breeze and 77nm miles remaining: dead seabirds laying upon the sea’s surface avid reminders of yesterday’s tempest. So near, yet so far, Good old Murphy was at it again. No wind saw Gratis wallowing as she loped through the glassy oil […]

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 10

What a night!!! Pummelled by squalls racing in from left right and centre, bringing with them gusts of up to 36 knots. Neptune attempted to throw his best at us as his seas continued to build, and belongings crashed and rattled, whilst cracks as loud as Thor’s almighty roar reverberated throughout the yacht. Little sleep […]

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 9

0800, 305.5nm remaining of the journey: a Tuesday morning arrival was imminent at this stage. Seas were still 1½ – 2 metres, with minute amounts of white foam atop in places. In order to make the ride smoother, Bob altered the course to a heading of SW across the southerly swells, thereby placing the SE […]

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 8

A week since our departure from Carnarvon: how the time had flown. A cold front that passed by down south caused the winds to freshen and become southerly. This increase in wind speed, enabled the sails to fully fill, thereby providing us with not only a faster sail but a much smoother ride inside Gratis. […]