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Sondershausen to Eisenach (Car Journey) Sondershausen to Eisenach (Car Journey)

Today Bob and I continued our journey through northern Thuringia. First stop, though, was the church. Mirror image, the outside was a little different to the norm. A quick snapshot of some slate covered buildings. Sighting three spires, a snap decision to make a stop in Bad Langensalza was made. This was a town of crooked rooves. […]

Spandau to Halle (Saale) to Sondershausen (car) Spandau to Halle (Saale) to Sondershausen (car)

The coming week will see Bob and I journey by car to the Thuringianwald.   This, our first day, took us to Halle (Saale). Situated on the Saale River, it was a town steeped in history. Arriving on the outskirts of the Alt Stadt, Bob and I exited the car, where upon our ears were […]

Into The Water She Goes Into The Water She Goes

The 2017 season in Gratis will soon be underway for us. Connected to the tractor in preparation. Bob keeping an eye out as the crane is readied. Up she goes and the last of the supports is removed. Out over the water goes Gratis. Down she goes. Fully down.

Cleaning and Preparing Gratis Commences Cleaning and Preparing Gratis Commences
Almost Ready for Relaunch

Bob spent the day in the engine room readying Big Bertha. For me, it was scrubbing the cabin top and sides. It’s amazing how much grime collects on surfaces. Big G is set to return to the water tomorrow.

Preparations to Depart for Berlin

Preparations for placing the ‘Running G’ rig into winter storage are underway. We depart for Berlin at the unimaginable hour of 2am Monday morning. OUCH!!!!!

Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey

Well, here it is! With the aid of books by Tom Sommers (, the initial route planning options for our 2017 tour through northern Germany and the Netherlands is completed. By Car: Mecklenburg Lakes in first Gratis, then Little G2 Canal River Route Take 2 through the Netherlands.   Take 3 Distances.  

2017 Journey 2017 Journey

Preparing this year’s route from Spandau, Germany to Basel, Switzerland. We thought the mapping for last year was a bit tricky. Working out the best route through Holland and Belgium is even more difficult! It turns out, the shortest route is heading upstream via mostly rivers. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Maybe not the fastest after all. Need to […]