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Bremen, Weser River, Germany Bremen, Weser River, Germany

Bob and I spent this day exploring Bremen and its surrounds. Throughout the historic centre, a pathway of some 2000 small silver domes have been inset within the pavement, enabling the visitor to not miss a thing. Famous for the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, ‘The Musicians of Bremen’, the question was, ‘How many statues can you find?’ […]

Stolzenau to Dorverden, Mittel Weser, Germany Stolzenau to Dorverden, Mittel Weser, Germany

A day of gentle cruising, with a stop in the exquisite town of Nienburg. Originally Nygeborg (literally meaning ‘new castle’, this has led historians to believe there was originally an older one in the near vacinity), as with many of the towns here, its named altered over time. The houses were so quaint! We can’t […]

Minden to Stolzenau, Germany Minden to Stolzenau, Germany

After refilling the fuel tanks at the Minden Boat Club (97km mark on the left hand bank of the Mittelland Kanal when heading in the direction of the Weser). It took a while to sight, as the bowser is set upon a small red trailer. At last it was time for our trip upon the Mittel […]

Kampen to Minden, Germany Kampen to Minden, Germany

  A misty morning that the rising sun soon cleared, what a delight it was motoring along in the fresh air. How different was this, our second visit to the township of Minden. Last year cold and wet, today warm and sunny. At the junction of the Weser and Mittelland Kanal, Minden has written history […]

Seelze to Kampen, Germany Seelze to Kampen, Germany

This morning had Bob and riding into what remains of the Hannover Altstadt – unlike our last visit that took us to the modern centre of town. By the time we arrived at our destination, we believe our navigator had led us well over that distance, but it was well worth it. Exquisite farming country […]

Schwicheldt to Seelze

A gentle relaxed fifty or so kilometres that has brought us to Yachthafen Seelze. Situated in the Hannover – Linden Stichkanal it’s a peaceful setting in which waterlilies grow and friendly people welcome the traveller. Nine kilometres from the Altstadt by bike, that will be tomorrow morning’s excursion.   PS. As some of you may […]

Hohenstein to Schwicheldt, Germany Hohenstein to Schwicheldt, Germany

The ‘plans of mice and men’ came into play as the engine had a slight hiccup on starting (but that was soon rectified) and a ‘long wait’ resulting from barge overload ensued at the Sulfeld Lock. It allowed time to just enjoy life. The stop tonight, a peaceful country siding just out of Schwicheldt. A […]

Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg

A peaceful, lockfree day along the Mittelland Kanal with plenty of warmth. Bob and I love the small estuaries the Germans have incorporated within the canal structure. Look what we saw! Hohenstein is a town deliberately built around an old guesthouse in the 1950s. Oh, the barge in the top image is our European dream […]

Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany

A late start followed by a long, but relaxed, day of 67km as our hoped for stop came and went. Excitement? Yes. A wasp, a good 1½ inch in size buzzed through the door. From its markings, all screamed ‘European Wasp’. If it was, this was the biggest we have ever come I contact with. […]

Ketzin to Genthin, Germany Ketzin to Genthin, Germany

A blowy day that whipped the waters to a slight chop, but nothing Gratis couldn’t handle. Two locks, 60km and plenty of bird song. This fella made good use of the wind as they tacked back and forth in front if the boat at our night’s mooring. A quick drink and stretch, then off he […]

Spandau to Ketzin, Germany Spandau to Ketzin, Germany

This year’s adage is, ‘Take it easy!’ With that in mind, it was a slow relaxed start to the first day of our 2017 cruising year. On the advice of our friend, Ollie, heading north for 7km brought us to the Havel Kanal junction, where Bob turned Gratis left. How right our German friend was. […]

Departing Spandau: Destination Netherlands

We depart for Holland in a short time.

Bikes + Great Food!!! Bikes + Great Food!!!

The old bikes were tossed. After receiving a dousing on the way to Gruissan, France, in 2015 they didn’t fare so well. As we intend to partake in numerous cycling trips over the coming months, the last few days had us walking the east side of Berlin in search for cheap second hand bikes. Taking time […]

Not Long Now Not Long Now

Back to the oiling today, whilst Bob gets back finishing annual maintenance on the engine – one of his favourite jobs. In an aside, spring is truly here. At times the water and air is awash in white as seeds float upon the breeze from nearby trees. With each day that passes, an increasing variety […]

Engine Up and Running Engine Up and Running

At last the readying of the engine is complete. Big Bertha is ready to roll! A flock of Egyptian geese have commenced paddling up the channel around 8:30 every morning, the lead male honking all the while, and the swans have returned with their days’ old cygnet. I had an interesting experience whilst doing the oiling today. The […]

Almost Ready!

It’s all happening. Bob readied the decks today. They have never looked so tidy!!!!! A big grin as he finishes. Now I can commence oiling the bowsprit. Skyline behind: a massive set of apartments going up. There is always something happening around Marina West. The ducks provide some good laughs. This fella was not at […]

Breitungen to Saalfeld, Thuringianwald, Germany Breitungen to Saalfeld, Thuringianwald, Germany

This was our last day true day of touring through yet more picturesque scenery. Oh, to experience a good long hike through this landscape!!!!!!! Unique in the townships Bob and I journeyed through, were the multitude of buildings whose outer shells were wholly covered in slate tiles. Each overlapping the tile set above and nailed […]

Fulda, Germany Fulda, Germany

Just a few kilometres down the road was the Fulda River and township of Fulda with its massive Benedictine Monastery that was first was founded in 744 by St Boniface’s disciple, Saint Sturm. In latter years, it served as a base from which missionaries could join Charlemagne’s military on campaigns. With renovations and rebuilds taking […]

Leonberg Hofingen To Breitungen, Germany Leonberg Hofingen To Breitungen, Germany

A lunch stop in the beautiful Altstadt of Millrichstadt. Here we came across an old water wheel, all that remains from the mill which once adorned the site, and loved this fire hydrant. On the way to our night’s accommodation, Bob and I visited the town of Meiningen for a quick explore. Situated on the […]

Eisenach to France to Leonberg Hofingen, Germany

This was the day chosen to return to France so as we could refill the gas tanks and purchase two more. What a slowday it proved to be! Roadworks, roadworks and yet more roadworks and add to the mix, Googlemaps playing up thanks to poor reception. Solution to the last? Purchase a Tom Tom. Things moved […]