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Ath to Huissignies, Belgium Ath to Huissignies, Belgium

This was our first day on the Blaton – Ath Canal, and a beautiful one it was. A mix of farmland and green forested banks with the occasional township thrown in, this was truly a waterway for the nature lover, and those wanting to have a break from the rat race. As always, ducks and […]

Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium

Prior to departing Geraadsbergen, we made the required phone call (0675679124) to the office of those operating the locks and bridges upstream, notifying them of our coming. This was the section of the Dender River that was causing the concern, as the English canal books were all stating a 1m or less draft was required. The […]

Dendermonde to Ath by train Dendermonde to Ath by train

This morning Bob and I caught the train to Ath in order to check out the viability of continuing first along the Dender then the Blaton – Ath canal: the section of canal we were concerned about was that between Geraardsbergen and Ath. Up until today, however, no two pieces of information were the same, […]