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Aurich to Emden: Ostfriesland, Germany Aurich to Emden: Ostfriesland, Germany

It was a beautiful warm return journey to Emden: until the rain set in, that is. Bridge operators cycling hard to keep up. You can just see him operating the controls on the bridge. Past us went the boats. Drehbrucke opened. Out the other side. Remember that raft with the wheelbarrow, chairs, outboard motor and […]

Moormuseum, Moordorf: Ostfriesland, Germany Moormuseum, Moordorf: Ostfriesland, Germany

A short seven kilometre bike ride from Aurich is Moordorf, and it is here that the visitor finds the Moormuseum. Located on just over three acres of peat land, this is an open – air museum that leads one through the colonisation of the town: as dictated by the Prussian Kaiser, Friedrich II, in his […]

Aurich, Ost Friesland, Germany Aurich, Ost Friesland, Germany

There is only one drawback to the Ostfriesland region: it rains every few days. The general pattern appears to be 3 days sunshine – the third of which becomes hot and humid with no wind, then a day or two of grey with continual rain and little wind, followed immediately by a change in wind […]

Emden to Aurich, Ostfriesland Emden to Aurich, Ostfriesland

This was our day for journeying upon 25km of the Ems – Jade Canal to Aurich and a delightful one it was too, with its lifting or turning bridges, and a lock or two. The kilometre markings at the commencement of the journey slightly unclear, and no names on the bridges, the first of the […]