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Bikes + Great Food!!! Bikes + Great Food!!!

The old bikes were tossed. After receiving a dousing on the way to Gruissan, France, in 2015 they didn’t fare so well. As we intend to partake in numerous cycling trips over the coming months, the last few days had us walking the east side of Berlin in search for cheap second hand bikes. Taking time […]

Australia, Here we Come!!!! Australia, Here we Come!!!!

Brrrrr!!!!!! It’s freezing here in Berlin! Gratis has been winterised and is awaiting a lift from the water. We in the meantime are awaiting at Tegel Airport for our flight to Hong Kong. The 2016 journey has come to a close.       Image: Sunset at Lehnitz

Spandau, Germany Spandau, Germany

We have done it!!!!!   1700+km from Port St Louis France to Spandau – just outside Berlin.     Nine days until our visitors arrive gives us time to find a winter berth for our beautiful girl.

Rühen to Burg Rühen to Burg

Bob and I awoke to a chill pervading the air. Arising, it was to discover a thick fog pervading the air through which a rust orange sun was attempting to break through. The planned stop at Hildesleben didn’t eventuate. Massive works bankside for kilometres meant no mooring areas were available to the traveller. New bridges, […]

Minden to Hannover, Germany Minden to Hannover, Germany

  Clouds cleared for the first time in three days. Sun and a bit of warmth at last – until the rain arrived, that was! (sorry, but no pics) After the exquisite tiny villages, Hannover with its crowds and modern feel didn’t really appeal to our senses. It was interesting to observe that whereas twenty […]

2016 Journey in the Final Planning Stages

Our journey to Berlin through the Rivers and canals of Europe is well into its final planning. It will see us sail to Port St Louis for removal and storage of the mast. From there, it will be into the Rhone, Soane, Mosele and Rhein Rivers, followed by the Mittelland Kanal into Berlin.