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Brugge to VVW Westhoek Nieuwpoort, Belgium Brugge to VVW Westhoek Nieuwpoort, Belgium

It is best to be at the first bridge in Brugge by 9 for the morning convoy run. If missed, there can be long waits for the late comer. For us, this was a gentle rerun of our journey of last year, except no rain. An unusual lift bridge along the way. Arriving at the lock […]

Drongengoedbos, Belgium Drongengoedbos, Belgium

Drongengoedbos was created when the monks of the nearby Drongen abbey decided to set aside the area for the sole purpose of forestry – hence the wood’s name. Sections of the enclosure and buildings constructed for the monks who worked there still exist today. A small café/restaurant has been opened in here and the quiet […]

Damme, Belgium Damme, Belgium

A pleasurable sixteen kilometre round journey from Brugge led us first along the Damme Canal, then through stunning countryside full of crops to the medieval township of Damme and back. Although its 7 star shaped walls are currently in the state of restoration, sadly much of the original old town has disappeared, the casualty resultant […]

Schipdonk Lock to Bruges, Belgium Schipdonk Lock to Bruges, Belgium

Travel back in time to the denouement of the last ice age when, with the warming of the earth, waters rose as the melting of the ice caps commenced: this was the birth of the North Sea we know today. From this event, the great northern European rivers of today were created, which in turn […]