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Cergy to Peronnes, France Cergy to Peronnes, France

The 26th saw us departing Cergy and commencing our return journey up the Oise. Colours were slowly turning, but as with all years, our October departure meant we would miss their full glory. A lone pilot drew our attention at one stage. For me, it was a time where successfully helming into the locks came with greater ease […]

Bougival to Cergy: Paris, France Bougival to Cergy: Paris, France

The highlight of the day was visiting the remains of Machine de Marly, another link to Chateau Versailles. Along the way were information boards containing images from well known Impressionists and details about the history of the machine.   Situated just down from the lock, approximately 12km from Paris by road, in its day, this […]

Cergy to Limay, France Cergy to Limay, France

Completing the motor upon the beautiful Oise, Gratis passed the row of boat yards and barges, then turned right onto the Seine. You’re probably saying about now, ‘Hang on, you are meant to be heading toward Paris, not away.’ Yes we will be, but with a few days up our sleeve, we made the decision […]

Etang le Cergy, France Etang le Cergy, France

A bridge crossing away from the ancient township of Cergy is the Etang le Cergy. A combination of walking/cycling paths, it has practically everything for a relaxing weekend or holiday. Picnic areas with BBQs, a massive lake, woods, climbing adventure, ski – ing: it was all there. Watching the training dogs for water rescue […]

Creil To Cergy, France Creil To Cergy, France

September! It can’t be already! At last, blue skies provided the most vibrant of colours on this pleasant no drama day motor down the Oise So often, it is the sights one sees that make the memories.