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Chalon – sur Saone to Auxonne Chalon – sur Saone to Auxonne

Except for passing through three locks, it was a 90km non – stop day. The time was spent enjoying the passing countryside. The river becomes ever slower. Today the water was like a millpond, with the flow only showing slightly on the bends. Gratis motored along at 1800 – 1900rpm doing between 8 and 11km […]

Chalon – sur Saone Chalon – sur Saone

What an interesting town this was: not large and so much history! The decision was made to visit two places that appeared most worthwhile: Musee Nicephore Niepce and Musee Denon. Named for the man who is considered the father of photography, the first housed displays on the history of photography. Born in 1765, it was […]

Creches – sur – Saone to Chalon – sur Saone Creches – sur – Saone to Chalon – sur Saone

Another day of cruising past peaceful countryside settings. A farmhouse or two, and an old lock now used as a small pleasure craft marina. Surprise of surpises, a black swan! Did he fly in from Oz? Small islands lyingmid river, were obstacles to be avoided. Highlight of the day was our three hour visit to Tournus, […]