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Maison du Marais, Saint – Omer, France Maison du Marais, Saint – Omer, France

Today was the UNESCO man and biosphere accredited 22,000+ hectare Maison du Marais experience. This region is comprises of marshes throughout which small channels run, all fed by the Aa or canal d’Aa. In operation since 13th century and the only French marsh to undergo continual cultivation, it is in this fertile landscape that generations […]

Richardmenil to Nancy Richardmenil to Nancy

Chill, chill, bone – aching, numbing ice biting chill. White upon the breath, chill deep into the lungs, nowhere warmth! Where had the summer heat gone this year? Add to the mix, rain, rain and more rain! Wet to the bone, we at last arrived at the junction where we would enter Embranchment du Nancy. […]

Charmes to Richardmenil Charmes to Richardmenil

Heavy drenching rain overnight, brought with it a chill that pervaded the air. Out came the trackies, woollens and wet weather coats as we made our way to Richardmenil. 9am, engine on, lines being brought on board, the first lock commenced the opening process. Upon the canal, it is etiquette to allow those who arrive […]

Pont des Forges, France Pont des Forges, France

Yes, we are still alive. It is so remote that we have been out of internet range. Last night we moored at the bridge, Pont des Forges. The pic was taken whilst going through one of the locks. The Canal des Vosges is absolutely stunning and so much easier to do than the Canal du Midi/Canal du […]

The Canal des Vosges The Canal des Vosges

The Canal crosses the Vosges Mountain range which peaks at 1424m and stretches almost two hundred kilometres: from the German border in the north, to the French town of Belfort in the south. Soft rounded peaks kissing the sky, more than fifty percent of its landscape is covered by numerous species of tree. Meadowland, icy […]

Port St Louis du Rhone, France Port St Louis du Rhone, France

This morning the four of us caught sight of the Lock that allows boats to enter and exit the Rhone at work. Unlike the Garonne River, due to the mouth being silted, it is impossible to enter an other way. Going for a wander today, Bob and I checked out Port Napoleon, the place where the […]