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Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium

Prior to departing Geraadsbergen, we made the required phone call (0675679124) to the office of those operating the locks and bridges upstream, notifying them of our coming. This was the section of the Dender River that was causing the concern, as the English canal books were all stating a 1m or less draft was required. The […]

Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen

We headed out to enjoy a ride through Kortelake Nature Reserve. Situated just south of Geraardsbergen, sadly, we found that like those we had attempted to enter before, this too only allowed the cyclist to enjoy the periphery. For those who, like Bob, can’t walk long distances this means missing out on enjoying some of […]

Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium

Last night we discovered the largest laundromat we have come across in Europe. In another first, it also boasted a toilet, hand basin and provided paper towel – and was only a two minute walk away. With washing needing to be done, our prayers were answered. This morning we zoomed through the washing. The afternoon […]