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Koblenz to Hitdorf Koblenz to Hitdorf

 Awaking to find a thin fog drifting upon the surface river, Bob and I relaxed with a warming mug of coffee each. A small breeze at last set in, and off we set. Only a few short kilometres took us to the lock that would conclude our Mosel journey and see the commencement of the […]

Koblenz One Afternoon Koblenz One Afternoon
Koblenz to Trier (car) Koblenz to Trier (car)

This was the day we drove to Trier, a town with no less than nine UNESCO world heritage sites. Tourist beware, this is a place that requires more than four hours’ duration for exploration. We intend to return. In short, the town was settled by the Celts in 4BC and named Treuorum: it is believed […]

Koblenz to Wiesbaden and Return (Car), Germany Koblenz to Wiesbaden and Return (Car), Germany

This afternoon, Bob and I drove along the Rhein to the south of Koblenz, first on the eastern bank, then the west to glean an insight into the lay of the land and to determine whether it would be worth a visit in the future. As always, the scenery blew us away. Very different to […]

Cochem to Koblenz, Germany

A non – eventful trip of just over 51km in cold and rain: thankfully no wind!! Sorry, but no pics. We came upon a delightful little yacht mooring on our left just past the Kurt – Schumacher Brücke bridge. It’s street address, An der Fähre 6: just after the bridge there were six pontoons. We […]