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Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany

Prior to departing Legnica, we visited the archives office which happened to be just around the corner, I discovered after a search on the net. The people here couldn’t have been more helpful – quite different to the Polish of earlier days. Taken into a large room, we were told to wait whilst the receptionist […]

Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland

It was a day for relaxing. There is some beautiful architecture within the town. In its heyday what a beauty the township would have been. Just down from the main cemetery is this almost forgotten reminder from the past, which is now gradually being cleared.

Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland

This was the day we took to explore what remained of the old town of Legnica. Driving along the road entering the city, one espied first a massive modern cemetery, then just past it a much older one left dilapidated and covered in thick jungle. Today, Bob and I had a closer look. It turned […]

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz)

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Yes, I had the wrong Heinersdorf. As we travelled and I took real note of most distances travelled by the family, I developed a niggling feeling that, in the scheme of things, Chwalecice wasn’t the township in which Johanna – Gottlieb’s wife -had been born. A bit more research and I […]