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Lier to Klein Willebroek, Belgium Lier to Klein Willebroek, Belgium

Another 20km day of travel took us through the Duffel Lock and onto the tidal Beneden Nete. The lock at Duffel had more than enough bollards evenly spaced within the walls and presented no problems as the water level lowered. Another friendly lock operator informed us of bridge heights and wished us the best of […]

Space and Time Museum, Lier: Belgium Space and Time Museum, Lier: Belgium

After wending our way through the streets to the market square, where a major clean up was taking place after celebrations that incorporated the town’s giants, our first stop was the 14th century Zimmer Tower and its Wonderclock at the time and space museum. The son of a watchmaker and born in Lier in 1888, […]

Antwerp to Lier, Belgium Antwerp to Lier, Belgium

Informed by the harbourmaster that the bridge out of the marina would be closed Sunday, our departure was moved forward to this morning. We had to take a snapshot of this. Locks, how you love and hate them! No matter where you are, no two locks are the same, which means the cruiser must prepared […]