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Limay to Bougival Lock, France Limay to Bougival Lock, France

  Yesterday, was the time for us to depart Vernon and point Gratis’ bow Paris way. Without exception, we shall return and continue on to the mouth of the Seine in the near future. Except that the weather and light for photography was greatly improved, this return trip to Limay was just a repeat of […]

Limay to Vernon, France Limay to Vernon, France

Although a grey hazy day, the Seine River heading west just beautiful. This year’s journey on the whole, really has been about the scenery. Appearance of white cliffs reminding the traveller of the White Cliffs of Dover was a pleasant surprise. Passing the township of Gargenville, high in the cliffs rectangular black holes were reminders […]

Cergy to Limay, France Cergy to Limay, France

Completing the motor upon the beautiful Oise, Gratis passed the row of boat yards and barges, then turned right onto the Seine. You’re probably saying about now, ‘Hang on, you are meant to be heading toward Paris, not away.’ Yes we will be, but with a few days up our sleeve, we made the decision […]