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From Mittelland Kanal to Havel Canal through lake district to Potsdam in August, then Potsdam to Zehdenick, September. Car journeys Nancy, France to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and return Potsdam, Germany to Poland and Return  

Liggersdorf, Germany Liggersdorf, Germany

After a delightful night in Oberammergau (loved the buildings with their images from the fairy tales) the day was spent travelling through the exquisitely beautiful Alpenland, (taken from the car, these pics weren’t too bad) until we arrived at the Bodensee and Pfahlbau Museum in Unteruhldingen. Absolutely brilliant in its presentation!!!! This would be one of the […]

Oberammergau to Liggersdorf Oberammergau to Liggersdorf

What a delightful day! A last few buildings covered in frescoes detailed nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and fables. Bob and I travelled through pasturelands and mountainous countryside where the grey rubble of landslides was a regular occurrence – an occasional cyclist wasn’t deterred. The landscape became increasingly more rugged upon entering Austria for a short […]

Oberammergau and Linderhof, Germany Oberammergau and Linderhof, Germany

Well, we travelled through the most exquisite of lush green meadow lands encased by thick dark green forests, to Oberammergau: home of the Passion Play. Situated in Bavaria, Deutschland, the town has a delightful feel. Not a sound, other than the low talk of people in the evening, it was a delight to wander: a town that […]

Blaubeuren, Germany to Oberammergau, Bavaria Blaubeuren, Germany to Oberammergau, Bavaria

Climbing commenced immediately upon departing Blaubeuren. Pastureland covered in corn (hand – picking in one) and grains with the great pine forests extending down to their edge. Small green & white signs meant cycling/walking paths we discovered when Bob took a wrong turn by accident and wooden barns were prevalent. Not a great deal had […]