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Half Moon Bay to Kawau Island, New Zealand Half Moon Bay to Kawau Island, New Zealand

After spending a month and a half working on and preparing Saliander in Half moon Bay, the long-awaited day had at last arrived when an 1120 departure found our new beauty exiting the Half Moon Bay Marina. Sunny skies brought with them a light variable breeze and calm flat seas as we navigated the channel […]

Tale of a Mortar and Pestle Tale of a Mortar and Pestle

I have never owned a mortar and pestle, determining the expense just not worth while. On my exploration and rearranging of items within the cupboards, I came across one hidden in the space below the oven. Vibrantly bright in colour and large with two handles jutting out from the side, I chose to leave it […]

2015 2015

Click to view the map showing our trip through Canal du Midi to Sicily.

Rodrigues to Mauritius and Mauritius to Reunion On

The last of our Indian Ocean Crossings have now been placed on board. We will now commence adding the excursions we took whilst on the Cocos Keeling, Rodrigues, Mauritius and Reunion