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Urupukapuka: An Island Delight Urupukapuka: An Island Delight

Urupukapuka Bay, Urupukapuka Island: New Zealand A dinghy ride onto the exquisite creamy white sand beach of Urupukapuka Bay led the four of us into a wanderer’s paradise. Camp sites set with toilets provided for the most basic of needs, whilst showers positioned in open meadows or beneath shaded trees, enabled visitors an opportunity to […]

Rainbow Delight in the Bay of Islands Rainbow Delight in the Bay of Islands

Clendon Cove to Paihia More gas and fresh foods required, a motor – winds just didn’t play fair for us – into Paihia. Winds 6-9kn when we awoke increased to 15kn as Australis 1 departed. Exiting the protection of the bay, true wind was, in actuality, 24kn+. Oh to raise the sails. Perfect conditions for […]

Napuna Bay, New Zealand Napuna Bay, New Zealand

The Corona Virus was taking hold in Auckland and the regions south of the city. Now at level four restrictions, a quick motor into Paihia for a restock. The last of our condiments purchased, it was time to find a more comfortable anchorage – the ferries and boat traffic make the Paihia mooring a little […]

Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand

Covered in more than 150 islands, the Bay of islands was created when the rising sea flooded green river valleys, leaving in their place picturesque landscape and marvellous anchorages. This morning, a short motor took Australis 1 roughly 9km north of Paihia to the anchorage of Whale Bay.     Volcanic activity is evident in […]

Oke Bay, Cape Brett to Paihia: New Zealand Oke Bay, Cape Brett to Paihia: New Zealand

Awaking to grey skies and misty drizzle, with the Corona Virus taking its deadly hold on the world and practically all services closing down as New Zealand’s Level 4 shut down took place, the decision was made to up anchor and head into the shops to restock. By doing this, we could continue our exploration […]