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Peronne to Noyon, France Peronne to Noyon, France

Prior to departure, Bob wanted to check out his theory of the engine issues being caused by the muffler and therein found the problem: something he had never thought would occur. The water and exhaust box lives at the bottom of a sump in the lazarette, and it was down there that Bob had crawl. Fortunately, […]

The Somme Museum, Peronne: Australians and WWI The Somme Museum, Peronne: Australians and WWI

September 2nd this year will see a memorial day taking place in remembrance of the Australian troops that fought for, and liberated, Peronne during WWI. In fact, throughout the year numerous events have taken place around Australian culture. The Battle of the Somme in WWI was such a significant part of the fight for freedom in […]

Peronne, France: Entrance to the Somme Peronne, France: Entrance to the Somme

Situated on a hillside overlooking the Somme Valley, the township of Peronne was once well fortified. Throughout history, Peronne found itself at the centre of devastating squirmishes, and sadly, all that remains today is the Porte de Bretagne. Walking through the town, the visitor will find sign and pictures telling stories from history past. This […]

Lock 7 to Peronne Lock 7 to Peronne

First thing this morning, Bob went through all of the engine system checking for blockages and found nought. This left only one other scenario causing the engine to cut out: the muffler. Believing new parts would be required to solve the problem, we continued on our way, taking care to keep the revs below 2000. […]