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The last of the images taken at the Zulu village are on

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The first of the pictures are now online…

St Lucia Wetlands

Our day wasn’t complete without a second visit to the St Lucia Wetlands. Not a lot of images this time as the position of the afternoon sun impeded. It was fun to just enjoy the moment……. And at last a warthog, who was close enough.  

Bayete Zulu Elephant Interaction

This morning was our last at Hluhluwe River Lodge (, an accommodation we’d recommend to anyone wishing to stay in the region. Beautiful wooden tables   cute figurines   The bed.   A view from the bath tub.   And Bob……….   Incredible food and lovely hosts left behind, our destination was Bayeto Zulu Elephant […]

Hluhluwe, a taste

Emdoneni Cat Rehabilitation Centre

No images this morning. Believing we were heading to Bayeto Zulu Elephant Game Park and informed the drive was only 45 minutes duration, we were surprised when the distance was much greater. With no sign posting, which puzzled us a little, we continued onward, for our information came from a local in the marina who knew the […]

Duma Zulu Cultural Village

The afternoon saw us arriving at the Zulu village, situated at DumaZulu Cultural Village, Bushlands ( Met at the entrance to the village by a Zulu warrior, we were immediately immersed in the Zulu language and culture: it was an experience all in itself. The whole culture revolves around their spiritual beliefs and respect for one another. Each person has […]

Hluhluwe Animal Park, Visit 2

In one word, the Hluhluwe animal park is ‘AWESOME’!!!!!!!   Up with the larks – the park opened at 5am , we returned for further exploration in the hope of sighting elephants and more…. Out came the 800mm. This is a fantastic reference book to purchase for multiple park exploration, or a free individual map that has both […]

Hluhluwe Animal Park, South Africa

An early rise, and on this rain cloud morning we departed for Hluhluwe and our accommodation, Hluhluwe River Lodge, just an hour and a half north of Richards Bay. The red marks our trip to our accommodation, the blue the unexpected exploration we had on the Saturday. Eucalyptus plantations – the trees originally brought in from […]

Up on to the slip for a Clean and Paint

Fish nibbling upon the hull. Definitely time for a clean!     Pics from being up on the slip. Hibron working.   Hibron and Bob posing:     A nice one of Bob:     A lovely clean hull…   and prop…   We even made the paper.

And the saga continues….

Painting and the demoulding of the forward lazarettes is completed (always a continuing saga on boats when in the tropics). In just a few minutes I will be into the bilges once again – drying the compartments and rinsing/drying/vacuum bagging the cans this time. Bob is heading out to replenish the gas bottles and doing a few of […]

Richards Bay, South Africa

Lunching in one of the waterfront restaurants, our eyes bulged as the platters arrived. For me, a massive succulent half chicken butterflied open, accompanied by a large serve of pumpkin, zucchini, beans and a cup of rice filled a plate nearly 40 centimetres square. A serve of mushrooms overflowed a 30cm diameter bowl. Bob’s chicken […]

We’ve arrived in South Africa

More spiels added to The Mauritius Page (more pics will come over the next month). South Africa so far

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 13

Bone weary and mentally drained, this was proving the most difficult leg to date. The high in place for an additional day, gave us 24 hours up our sleeve, and with poor wind strength did we need it!!! Regularly checking with Peri Peri for weather updates……. Midday: at long last, although light, the winds turned […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 12

The north easterlies at long last arrived! Another drama as the wretched throttle wouldn’t engage, so with engine off, rocking and rolling we were during the process of raising the sails once more. A bit of investigation later, it turned out the second throttle in the cockpit had been knocked into gear, thereby blocking the […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 11

Upon my awaking, there was Bob setting the main: the long awaited Easterlies had arrived, or, so he thought. What a farceur that wind had been!!!! Main and Asymmetric out, that bug bear of nature receded once more. Grrrrrrrrrr…….!!!!! Down it all came. Like an imp, the wind frolicked with Bob throughout the day: up, […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 10

After struggling with light winds overnight, conditions finally reached the ultra – light level and without our twins, (remember, we were unable to use the combination until the alteration to the rig was undertaken). All sails were brought on board and Big Bertha thrummed to life. Two days remained, of the journey – touch wood!! […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 9

17:30, 440nm remained. This was the evening we commenced listening to Roy on Peri Peri Radio, a South African service that provided twice daily weather updates and advice. South Africa is notorious for the development of localised weather fronts. All was well.

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 7