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Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 6

Daybreak, no sign of the tempest waning, our position below Madagascar where the South Equatorial Current ran with speeds of one to three knots and a series of underwater mountain ridges rose, meant running with the storm was not an option as the SW would blow us directly toward that shallower tract of water: not […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 5

Morning broke, squalls at last behind us, the sea had reverted to that of tranquility and no wind: Big Bertha to the rescue once more… Aware that winds containing an increased wind strength of twenty plus knots was heading our way, the sails were once more reefed. An ‘on the nose’ SW blew in with […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 4

What a night, as squall upon squall swept over us from the north east. Winds blowing at thirty plus knots, saw us heading out more than once to further reef the Gennie and make adjustments to the sheets. We were the fortunate ones last night, for upon the distant horizon we were spectators to a […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 3

Early evening, radio contact was made with Kind of Blue, Sula, Three Ships, Kite and a few others ahead of us. Modern technology is a god send, as one could discuss position and weather/sea conditions ahead. All was looking good. (As Bob says… “What can possibly go wrong?”)

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 2

The excitement for the day occurred at the setting of the sun as the Hesperides drifted westward across the sky, leaving in their wake the black of night. A tower of cumulus that had been building over Reunion all day made the decision to head our way. In conjunction with this, a gargantuan red blob […]

Reunion to Richards Bay, South Africa, Day 1

Hours prior to our departure, we were entertained by a sizeable fish acquiring his underwater breakfast. The unsuspecting morsel sighted, he stealthily stalked his prize through the murky waters. Without warning, the hunter burst forth in a flash of speed, in a blur of motion capturing its prey between razor sharp teeth. With jaws creating […]