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Spandau to Ketzin, Germany Spandau to Ketzin, Germany

This year’s adage is, ‘Take it easy!’ With that in mind, it was a slow relaxed start to the first day of our 2017 cruising year. On the advice of our friend, Ollie, heading north for 7km brought us to the Havel Kanal junction, where Bob turned Gratis left. How right our German friend was. […]

Engine Up and Running Engine Up and Running

At last the readying of the engine is complete. Big Bertha is ready to roll! A flock of Egyptian geese have commenced paddling up the channel around 8:30 every morning, the lead male honking all the while, and the swans have returned with their days’ old cygnet. I had an interesting experience whilst doing the oiling today. The […]

Almost Ready!

It’s all happening. Bob readied the decks today. They have never looked so tidy!!!!! A big grin as he finishes. Now I can commence oiling the bowsprit. Skyline behind: a massive set of apartments going up. There is always something happening around Marina West. The ducks provide some good laughs. This fella was not at […]

Spandau to Halle (Saale) to Sondershausen (car) Spandau to Halle (Saale) to Sondershausen (car)

The coming week will see Bob and I journey by car to the Thuringianwald.   This, our first day, took us to Halle (Saale). Situated on the Saale River, it was a town steeped in history. Arriving on the outskirts of the Alt Stadt, Bob and I exited the car, where upon our ears were […]

2017 Journey 2017 Journey

Preparing this year’s route from Spandau, Germany to Basel, Switzerland. We thought the mapping for last year was a bit tricky. Working out the best route through Holland and Belgium is even more difficult! It turns out, the shortest route is heading upstream via mostly rivers. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Maybe not the fastest after all. Need to […]

Gratis’ Last Trip of the 2016 Season Gratis’ Last Trip of the 2016 Season

This morning saw Gratis make her last trip of the season as we took her to her winter mooring in Spandau in glorious weather. All that remains to do is the final cleaning, winterising the engine and packing for the trip to Oz.  

Spandau, Germany Spandau, Germany

We have done it!!!!!   1700+km from Port St Louis France to Spandau – just outside Berlin.     Nine days until our visitors arrive gives us time to find a winter berth for our beautiful girl.

Potsdam, Tiefer See to Spandau Potsdam, Tiefer See to Spandau

More exquisite scenery and the best weather experienced for some time. Excitement for the day was two relaxing hours spent waiting at the Spandau lock as the operators waited to place as many boats as possible into each filling/emptying cycle. Moored for a few days at a delightful little marina – Sportverein Wannseeaten 1911 e.v. […]