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Bautzen to Meissen, Germany Bautzen to Meissen, Germany

Narrow one vehicle roads led us through tiny villages and farming country where surprisingly large fields had replaced those typical tiny land plots that Europe was so well known for. Farmers here were busy turning the stubble. By mid – morning we had entered the region renowned for Dresden China. A bit of prior reading […]

Bautzen: Saxony, Germany Bautzen: Saxony, Germany

A relaxed day with a delightful wander through the old town of Bautzen. Whilst the upper town has been well restored, it was in the lower section at the base of the old fortification wall that we delighted in. This wall mural was so lifelike. ‘To our amazement, we actually caught sight one of these elusive Kingfishers […]

Bautzen Museum and the Flickenteppich Bautzen Museum and the Flickenteppich

This morning took us to the Bautzen Stadt Museum, where the main aim was to visit the Flickenteppich, a 1776 quilt created by Prussian soldiers. Upon arrival, we spoke to the person at the entrance who proceeded to introduce us to a Ms Pohl. On learning we had come all the way from Australia to […]

Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany

Prior to departing Legnica, we visited the archives office which happened to be just around the corner, I discovered after a search on the net. The people here couldn’t have been more helpful – quite different to the Polish of earlier days. Taken into a large room, we were told to wait whilst the receptionist […]