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New Zealand Bird Sightings! New Zealand Bird Sightings!

Paradise Cove, Urupukapuka Island to Awaawaroa Bay, Moturua Island With a change approaching, the decision was made to motor the short distance across to the sheltered Awaawaroa Bay on Moturua Island. Waiiti Bay, Bay of Islands Making the most of the weather window, a dinghy ride took us around to Waiiti Bay Bay. First, a […]

Stunning Cloud at Sunset Stunning Cloud at Sunset

Cloud over Russell, Bay of Islands Yes, we moved again. It’s amazing how much food four people can eat! There was even a rainbow!

Urupukapuka: An Island Delight Urupukapuka: An Island Delight

Urupukapuka Bay, Urupukapuka Island: New Zealand A dinghy ride onto the exquisite creamy white sand beach of Urupukapuka Bay led the four of us into a wanderer’s paradise. Camp sites set with toilets provided for the most basic of needs, whilst showers positioned in open meadows or beneath shaded trees, enabled visitors an opportunity to […]

Urupukapuka Island: A Perfect Anchorage Urupukapuka Island: A Perfect Anchorage

Paihia to Urupukapuka Island, New Zealand The intention had been to anchor in one of the protected harbours on Moturua Island. The best positions no longer vacant, Australis 1 was instead pointed toward the nature reserve of Urupakapuka Island. What a boon it proved to be, when late afternoon found us anchoring in Urupukapuka Bay. […]

Rainbow Delight in the Bay of Islands Rainbow Delight in the Bay of Islands

Clendon Cove to Paihia More gas and fresh foods required, a motor – winds just didn’t play fair for us – into Paihia. Winds 6-9kn when we awoke increased to 15kn as Australis 1 departed. Exiting the protection of the bay, true wind was, in actuality, 24kn+. Oh to raise the sails. Perfect conditions for […]

Orcas: An Unexpected Sighting and A Bucket List Item Ticked. Orcas: An Unexpected Sighting and A Bucket List Item Ticked.

Orokawa Bay, Bay of Islands: New Zealand   Out in the bay trawling the line for a meal of fish to feed the hungry hoards, out of the blue a massive disturbance in the water ahead caught my eye. Two black fins, three, then four gracefully pierced the surface as their bodies rounded, then disappeared […]

Orokawa Bay: A Bay of Contrasts! Orokawa Bay: A Bay of Contrasts!

New Zealand and its Bay of Islands continues to amaze. No swell, pristine, peaceful, idyllic. This bay is delightful. Awaking as dawn was breaking, on looking out the portal I discovered mist arising in the valley over the hill. Drifting westward, it wended it way out over the water, gradually engulfing the distant yachts resting […]

Orokawa Bay: Pristine Peaceful Beauty Orokawa Bay: Pristine Peaceful Beauty

Having returned to Paihia, a dinghy ride into the township to stock up on fresh food led us to the local Countdown: how shopping had changed in a few short days! A Covid reducing Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand meant  a guard stood at the shop entrance. A minimum of ten people were lined […]

Oneroa Bay, New Zealand Oneroa Bay, New Zealand

A long sandy beach where holiday ‘shacks’ lined the shoreline, the perfect spot for a night’s stay. The silence was complete.   Interesting Read

Whale Bay, New Zealand Whale Bay, New Zealand

With perfect weather, there was time for a sojourn ashore. Dinghy readied, and we were off. A loop around Australis 1. It looked like we weren’t the only ones! The tide was coming in…… There was a bit of a climb ahead! Oh, the views were so worth the effort.  

Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand

Covered in more than 150 islands, the Bay of islands was created when the rising sea flooded green river valleys, leaving in their place picturesque landscape and marvellous anchorages. This morning, a short motor took Australis 1 roughly 9km north of Paihia to the anchorage of Whale Bay.     Volcanic activity is evident in […]