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Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 16

07:39, 39nm remained of our longest sailing leg to date and after two days of busy shipping lane we were on our own once more. The calmer waters provided the opportunity to empty and clean the fridge, dust, vacuum and wash the floors. Top hatches opened at long last, fresh air streamed through our girl. […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 15

Winds so light by now that the twins were raised and set on the port side as a second Gennie. With each passing day, the seas became ever flatter: now they were a gentle rolling ripple. Only a few are privileged to view the Indian Ocean in this state. How fortunate we were! Heavy low […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 14

We were on a mission this particular morning. After the heavier seas that caused water to enter through the open pilot house windows, in conjunction with a boat in which no air filtered through thereafter, mould once more reared its ugly head and commenced sprouting. With a bout of asthma resulting and a nose highly […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 13

During the early morning hours, Gratis was hit by ‘bombs’  as waves from the south connected in just the right position against the hull. It was with helplessness and immense frustration that I found myself unable to rectify the issue. The wind direction being what it was, no room remained for bearing off further as […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 12

At last!!!!!!! The wind abated to such an extent it was finally possible to manage some quality sleep and cook a meal: Fried Rice. YUM!!!!!!!!   Afternoon, winds abated, Gennie poled once more. Easy one may think, but not on this occasion, of course. Just settled down in the pilot house, a loud thwang […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 11

Patches of blue became visible between squalls, whilst Apollo continuously battled Thor for dominance. Midnight, 663.4nm remained.

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 9

Upon rising this particular morning, to the SE the view was of a dark line storm cloud stretching NE across the sky. Already the seas were altering from glassy to rippled, warning of the incoming wind. Sailor’s motto: ‘be prepared!!’ Out Bob and I trundled. Gennie sheet released to reduce sail; furling line winched in; […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 8

Most difficult to believe seven days had passed since our departure from Cocos. What a night!!! Winds gusting to 27 knots. After three days of side on swells and waves, we were tired of its monotony! By the afternoon, the winds had at last abated to such an extent to make it was possible to […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 5

Occasionally Bob sends fear surging through me. In the process of preparing lunch this day I stepped into the pilot house to enquire about his preference for food. No Bob in sight, out to the cockpit I went. No sign of him there, I peered through the windows: he was not to be seen. Setting […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 4

1635nm remaining. When reattaching the staysail wire some nights prior, Bob had inadvertently left one section of the endless furling line for the twins’ on the wrong side of the stay! Conditions calm, this day he took the endless line splice apart, placed the rope to the fore of the stay and respliced – not […]

Cocos Keeling to Rodrigues, Day 3

Sighting vessels 20 plus nautical miles from us, the AIS was phenomenal. Identifying the ship, its course and whether collision was imminent, the eye strain caused by attempting to pick up their miniscule red speck on the radar became practically obsolete. Not that we did away with this, for we discovered that not all ships […]

From Rain to Sunshine

A morning of rain. Little G2 1/4 filled with water. We all joined for an evening BBQ upon the beach. What a lifestyle! Hermit crabs a plenty, shells in all shapes and forms.   A quick check that all is safe first. There was even a family out for a stroll.   Another storm was a […]

Monthly Supply Ship Arrives

The monthly supply ship arrived. With the water depth too shallow and the danger of running upon coral, the ship anchors within the channel just inside the opening. The barge is towed by the blue boat just to the right and berthed alongside, whereby the supplies are unloaded.

Repairs to be Made

Winds are up to 20 knots this morning, blowing the cloud cover and rains away. We are waiting – Bob impatiently so – for the winds to lighten so as we can motor over to the jetty to carry out repairs. He headed up the mast to make modifications in order for the twins to […]

Daily Happenings

More cruisers had arrived during the past few days. After meeting a couple and their crew on an expensive new European luxury Beneteau yacht, Bob felt better about the breakdowns. They had a myriad of failures which included stainless fittings coming off the mast head, broken winches, failed electrics and even hull delamination after a […]

Carnarvon to Cocos Keeling Islands, Day 7

Awaking for my 3am shift, Bob informed me the bowed starboard whisker pole (the one bent on the first night out) had become a boomerang. Almost disbelieving, I turned on the floodlights and peered out. It surely was!!!!! As a result of the colossal pressure now being exerted upon it, we furled the Gennie, unhitched […]