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Nancy to Pont a Mousson Nancy to Pont a Mousson

A late 11:30am start and an easy run: except for the water hose of the engine popping off a few times. The third saw black smoke steaming from you know whose ears. It turned out to be the result of shards from the old impeller blocking the exit, which in turn created pressure build up that […]

Charmes to Richardmenil Charmes to Richardmenil

Heavy drenching rain overnight, brought with it a chill that pervaded the air. Out came the trackies, woollens and wet weather coats as we made our way to Richardmenil. 9am, engine on, lines being brought on board, the first lock commenced the opening process. Upon the canal, it is etiquette to allow those who arrive […]

The Canal des Vosges The Canal des Vosges

The Canal crosses the Vosges Mountain range which peaks at 1424m and stretches almost two hundred kilometres: from the German border in the north, to the French town of Belfort in the south. Soft rounded peaks kissing the sky, more than fifty percent of its landscape is covered by numerous species of tree. Meadowland, icy […]

Creches – sur – Saone to Chalon – sur Saone Creches – sur – Saone to Chalon – sur Saone

Another day of cruising past peaceful countryside settings. A farmhouse or two, and an old lock now used as a small pleasure craft marina. Surprise of surpises, a black swan! Did he fly in from Oz? Small islands lyingmid river, were obstacles to be avoided. Highlight of the day was our three hour visit to Tournus, […]