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Time is Racing!

Yesterday I learnt how to change the spark plugs on Little G2’s outboard. Bob has the new wind generator, which provides twice the number of amps, up and running. It’s been a day of washing and indoor boat cleaning for myself.

The Making of Perfect Yacht Tender

New page on the blog. Making the Perfect Yacht Tender

Boat Preparations

Bob was up the mast this morning reattaching the repaired wind vane, changing the light globes to LED and carrying out a check of all attachments as he went. Items are gradually being stored away, and I commenced making the first of our snacks for the journey to Cocos Keeling.

Cruisers on the Move

The cyclone season has drawn to a close and the cruisers are on the move!!! A mass exodus occurred this morning as several of our new found friends departed Carnarvon and headed northward bound.

Preps for the Ocean Journey

After a sunny start to the day, the air is muggy, sky overcast and rain intermittent. The helm station is almost completely oiled, the food list well under way and Bob has worked on some of the welding.

Rain Heralds the Storm

Rain, soft and gentle, a calming patter during the early hours. However, now arrives the wind with a roar! It can be heard rushing in for miles.

Storm on the Way in WA

The air has that heavy feel that comes with an incoming front: barometer falling, a grey sky and wind speed picking up means it’s well on its way. Listening to music, Bob is working on the last of the lighting whilst my job is attacking the food and storage list.

A Yummy Creation

This was the yummy creation I made over the weekend. It was enough for 20 people. Very rich and filling, so could have easily halved the serves per person. Invented by the chef, Adriano, I found the Pavlington in the January 2014 copy of ‘Taste’. It took me about 7 hours over a period of 3 […]

Out of the Marina for a While

Happy Easter to all Up early yesterday. The earth moved as we motored Gratis out of the berth for the first time since early November last year. In a first, with just a gentle breeze, I felt confident enough to reverse our girl out. With a pre – discussion regarding how to undertake the manoeuvre […]

The One Mile Jetty

Yesterday afternoon saw us heading out to the One Mile Jetty in order t0 take some pics: tried some different effects with the camera. Meanwhile, today Bob is cleaning Gratis’ hull and I am sorting through the front cabin.  

The Firebug

Bob in a Firebug. A bit squeeze – y, me thinks!!


Hot Cross Buns, Bread Rolls and Rum Slice today.

The Preparations Commence

It was the day to commence collating our food supplies once again. For a while there this afternoon, Gratis looked as though a bomb had ripped through her. The mattress filled the galley area, whilst food packages were spread across the floor and bed base. By 1700, the initial rearranging of supplies was completed and […]

A Tidbit of News

This morning’s sunrise.   Yesterday’s sailing.   Only two months until departure.

A Busy Week in Carnarvon

  A beautiful sail out to the south cardinal mark and back. A good turnout at the club as both Cherubs and small cats participated. In all, it’s been quite a busy week. Assisting David in mooring Calm Horizons who returned after spending a few days on the slip scraping the cat’s hull. Commencing the cutting and […]

Pelican Point Pic

We even tried using the panoramic setting on the Nikon 1AW1: still a bit of work to get this under control. This is a beaut little camera for anyone who is looking for a small compact unit that is can be manually operated. With an adaptor that one can purchase, it is even possible to […]

Race Day on the Fascine

What a day!!! Yacht Club, round the blue boat opposite the township, to port of Wallaby, up the Fascine to Pelican Point. Wraps on board Spindrift, then the guys lined up for race number two which took them out of the channel. Bob and Bennie crossed the line first in a close run race. A […]

The Asymmetric Spinnaker

Two days of total calm: what a luxury!! The Fascine is a millpool. Yesterday was the perfect time to trial the Asymmetric Spinnaker. What a beauty in her red, white and blue!

Carnarvon Goings On

Sunday was a brilliant day spent out on the water: Bob teaching children and adults how to sail, whilst I headed out in Gidget to practice my skills. A dunking aside, it was great fun. Yesterday, we saw the first true rain in Carnarvon since arriving. Brilliant lighting, clapping thunder and large heavy cooling drops […]

Ants A Plenty

  An interesting day. I arrived home after a physio to discover an exceptionally unhappy Bob with his head hidden behind the lid of the steps situated between the pilot house and galley, and containers flying left, right and centre. With him muttering aplenty, it didn’t take long for the reason of such disgruntled mutterings […]