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Drogue Attachment Adjustments Drogue Attachment Adjustments

One of the most critical connections on an ocean cruising yacht are those for the drogue. For the uninitiated, a drogue is a funnel shaped contraption that slows the boat down in times of heavy weather. Open at both ends, it is made from strong material that is attached to rope with a stretch in […]

Aranui Cave, Mangapohue Natural Bridge, Marakopa Falls: New Zealand Aranui Cave, Mangapohue Natural Bridge, Marakopa Falls: New Zealand

A trip becoming acquainted with the outer region of Ōtorohanga was the day’s agenda. First destination was the delightful Aranui Cave region, named for the Maori, Ruruku Aranui, who discovered this beauty. If fortunate, you might even sight the grasshopper like Wetta, or if dark enough the glow worms that live throughout. We didn’t undertake […]

Ōtorohanga, New Zealand Ōtorohanga, New Zealand

This morning Bob and I took our first break since arriving in New Zealand. Packing clothes for a couple of days, we piled into the car and undertook the three – hour drive southward to the country town of Ōtorohanga. It was here that we caught up with some friends we met on our travels […]

A New Microwave Installed A New Microwave Installed

No – one knew the old microwave was turned on, so when Bob and Pete were going through the systems and turned on the power that activated the microwave, on it went. It was pure luck that Pete was passing it by and noticed said piece was in action. By that time, there was only […]

Rigging Checked and Phone calls Galore! Rigging Checked and Phone calls Galore!

In both New Zealand and Australia, insurance companies stipulate that rigging must be replaced each decade under the rational that in theory the constant flexing causes it to work harden. It is also the function of rigging size. On racing boats, the rigging is as light as possible and under constant heavy strain, whereas on […]

A Well Kept Secret Revealed!!!!!!! A Well Kept Secret Revealed!!!!!!!

We’ve gone and done it. Purchased a new yacht! A Tayana 55 with a 20m mast and good water line: she averages 8 – 9 knots. Now we have the best of all worlds: a caravan for Oz, a boat for Europe and the Med and now a boat for Asia and the Pacific! The […]

A New Adventure A New Adventure

For those not yet in the know, here is a clue to our current holiday venue.