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New Davit Lines New Davit Lines

From aged wire with sharp hidden spikes to new dyneema. A bit of work, but well worth the effort.

New Name New Name

Excitement! OMG Agencies completed the design on our the new name vinyls for Australis 1. As you can see, there is no need to rename the blog site. Gratis is for Europe, Australis 1 for Asia and the Pacific. Perfect!!!!!! When there is a spare moment, the old will be removed and the new added.

New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven

Disbelief, as just before dawn, the auto pilot, decided it was no longer able to cope with the conditions made and experienced non – stop hissy fits.   Two hours or so of constantly dealing with constantly correcting large directional errors that took place as she gave way, the decision to go to manual control […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day four New Zealand to Australia: Day four

That had been the most uncomfortable of nights and sleep nigh on impossible. Resultant of the bucking bronco conditions, to remain on one’s bed, one had needs to find any niche that could be a possible grab hold. Spread eagled on the bed, with the left foot pinioned between the two mattresses, the right braced […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Two New Zealand to Australia: Day Two

An uneventful night led us into morning and by daylight – about 7am – we were almost opposite North Cape.   To our relief, the early hours had brought with them a return of the wind at a workable 11 knots and our beauty was holding steady, so once more it was possible to conserve […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day One New Zealand to Australia: Day One

Bob and I had been in New Zealand since early February and thanks to long delays in completion of the paperwork for registration and renaming of Saliander to Australis 1 – the result of  having to physically post documentation – in Australia, plus the outbreak of Covid19 and its level four lockdown in New Zealand, […]

Ōtorohanga, New Zealand Ōtorohanga, New Zealand

This morning Bob and I took our first break since arriving in New Zealand. Packing clothes for a couple of days, we piled into the car and undertook the three – hour drive southward to the country town of Ōtorohanga. It was here that we caught up with some friends we met on our travels […]