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2017 2017

Queensland to NSW trip 2017 Maps from Euro Canals and Googlemaps  

Minden to Stolzenau, Germany Minden to Stolzenau, Germany

After refilling the fuel tanks at the Minden Boat Club (97km mark on the left hand bank of the Mittelland Kanal when heading in the direction of the Weser). It took a while to sight, as the bowser is set upon a small red trailer. At last it was time for our trip upon the Mittel […]

Seelze to Kampen, Germany Seelze to Kampen, Germany

This morning had Bob and riding into what remains of the Hannover Altstadt – unlike our last visit that took us to the modern centre of town. By the time we arrived at our destination, we believe our navigator had led us well over that distance, but it was well worth it. Exquisite farming country […]

Schwicheldt to Seelze

A gentle relaxed fifty or so kilometres that has brought us to Yachthafen Seelze. Situated in the Hannover – Linden Stichkanal it’s a peaceful setting in which waterlilies grow and friendly people welcome the traveller. Nine kilometres from the Altstadt by bike, that will be tomorrow morning’s excursion.   PS. As some of you may […]

Hohenstein to Schwicheldt, Germany Hohenstein to Schwicheldt, Germany

The ‘plans of mice and men’ came into play as the engine had a slight hiccup on starting (but that was soon rectified) and a ‘long wait’ resulting from barge overload ensued at the Sulfeld Lock. It allowed time to just enjoy life. The stop tonight, a peaceful country siding just out of Schwicheldt. A […]

Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg Bulstringen to Hohenstein Wolfsburg

A peaceful, lockfree day along the Mittelland Kanal with plenty of warmth. Bob and I love the small estuaries the Germans have incorporated within the canal structure. Look what we saw! Hohenstein is a town deliberately built around an old guesthouse in the 1950s. Oh, the barge in the top image is our European dream […]

Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany Genthin to Bulstringen, Germany

A late start followed by a long, but relaxed, day of 67km as our hoped for stop came and went. Excitement? Yes. A wasp, a good 1½ inch in size buzzed through the door. From its markings, all screamed ‘European Wasp’. If it was, this was the biggest we have ever come I contact with. […]

2016 2016

From Mittelland Kanal to Havel Canal through lake district to Potsdam in August, then Potsdam to Zehdenick, September. Car journeys Nancy, France to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and return Potsdam, Germany to Poland and Return  

Peine to Kilometre 256 near Rühen, Germany Peine to Kilometre 256 near Rühen, Germany

A relaxed start to the morning, a food stop just outside of Wolsburg, past the Elbe Seitencanal, more exquisite countryside and the most peaceful of stops at kilometre mark 256. Some distance from the town, all that resides within this tract of countryside is farming land and a small restaurant resting alongside of the canal’s […]

Hannover to Peine, Germany Hannover to Peine, Germany

A relaxed day with the first of the Mittelland locks: 14.5 metres thank you very much, and no rising bollards. Other than a rapid surge in the initial stages, it was a pretty tame ride. An unusual windmill, a few canoeists and a dinky Dutch cruising barge added to the flavour of the motor. The […]

Minden to Hannover, Germany Minden to Hannover, Germany

  Clouds cleared for the first time in three days. Sun and a bit of warmth at last – until the rain arrived, that was! (sorry, but no pics) After the exquisite tiny villages, Hannover with its crowds and modern feel didn’t really appeal to our senses. It was interesting to observe that whereas twenty […]

Reason for the Lack of Posts Lately

Here is the reason the posts have been few and far between. What you see here is the planning for the last of our legs down the Mittelland Kanal to Berlin via the Potsdamer Havel: I finally finished it this evening.    

Gartenstadt to Minden, Mittelland Kanal, Germany Gartenstadt to Minden, Mittelland Kanal, Germany

About 70 clicks done on the waterway in continuous light drizzle saw us arrive on the outskirts of Minden: thankfully there was no freezing the socks off today. We are really sorry, but there are no pics. The image above is from our travels upon the Rhein.

Munster to Gartenstadt, Mittelland Kanal

Well, in cold wet conditions we travelled 30 kilometres or so along the Dortmund – Ems to the 108km mark, where a right turn took us onto the Mittelland Kanal. Another 30 saw us arrive at the night’s stop: peaceful calm countryside still raining, of course. The Mittelland Kanal was a miniature highway, as a continual flow of […]

2016 Journey to Come

Here are some maps showing the route we shall be taking upon the waterways this year. This covers the Rhone, Soane, Canal des Vosges, Mosel, Rhein, and Mittelland Kanal.

2016 Journey in the Final Planning Stages

Our journey to Berlin through the Rivers and canals of Europe is well into its final planning. It will see us sail to Port St Louis for removal and storage of the mast. From there, it will be into the Rhone, Soane, Mosele and Rhein Rivers, followed by the Mittelland Kanal into Berlin.