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Koblenz to Hitdorf Koblenz to Hitdorf

 Awaking to find a thin fog drifting upon the surface river, Bob and I relaxed with a warming mug of coffee each. A small breeze at last set in, and off we set. Only a few short kilometres took us to the lock that would conclude our Mosel journey and see the commencement of the […]

Wiesbaden and Trier Wiesbaden and Trier

The last two days have seen us out exploring. Wednesday took us along the southern Rhein’s banks to Wiesbaden and back. Next year shall see us returning for a much more in depth exploration, for the area was truly spectacular. Yesterday, it was Trier, the oldest town in Germany. On a plaque in one church was […]

Koblenz to Trier (car) Koblenz to Trier (car)

This was the day we drove to Trier, a town with no less than nine UNESCO world heritage sites. Tourist beware, this is a place that requires more than four hours’ duration for exploration. We intend to return. In short, the town was settled by the Celts in 4BC and named Treuorum: it is believed […]

Cochem to Koblenz, Germany

A non – eventful trip of just over 51km in cold and rain: thankfully no wind!! Sorry, but no pics. We came upon a delightful little yacht mooring on our left just past the Kurt – Schumacher Brücke bridge. It’s street address, An der Fähre 6: just after the bridge there were six pontoons. We […]

Bernkastel – Kues to Cochem, Germany Bernkastel – Kues to Cochem, Germany

Every day brings something new. Beauty in the craftmanship. Preparations for the annual wine harvest festivals. A new bridge under constructions was of immense proportions! A stop in at a weekly market. A town’s arch at the beginning of a bridge was worth a look. More picturesque countryside. A clock upo a tower built within the cliff […]

Schweich, Germany to Bernkastel – Kues Schweich, Germany to Bernkastel – Kues

After Trier, we found that with each tributary passed, the river flow increased a little more: in comparison with the Rhone and Saone the current was nothing about which to be concerned. A bit of excitement this particular day, as we approached Bridge Thὅrnich. A group of young men were enjoying the adrenalin rush of […]

Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg

A long day that saw us arrive on the outskirts of the small country town of Schengen, the town where numerous European countries met to write up the Schengen Agreement. One important aspect for the traveller is the time allowed in each country that signed on and became a member of the Schengen agreement. If […]

Pont a Mousson to Metz, France Pont a Mousson to Metz, France

Another easy motor found us in Metz. Highlights, St Etienne’s Cathedral, 12th/13th century Templar’s Chapel and the Gare. The Templar’s chapel (also top image)  

Pont a Mousson to Metz, France Pont a Mousson to Metz, France

A distance of thirty kilometres travelled on this morning found us in Metz, a town with 3,500 years of history. Each invasion that took place saw alterations of one kind or another, and sadly much of the visual history had vanished into the annals of time. Metz, the Township Commencing life as a small Celtic […]

Nancy to Pont a Mousson Nancy to Pont a Mousson

A late 11:30am start and an easy run: except for the water hose of the engine popping off a few times. The third saw black smoke steaming from you know whose ears. It turned out to be the result of shards from the old impeller blocking the exit, which in turn created pressure build up that […]

Return to Nancy, France Return to Nancy, France

Well, the break is over and we are back in Nancy and online once more, after visiting the most amazing sites: yes, finally a pic of the Matterhorn – that experience just blew us away! After a day of cleaning, shopping and laundry, the car is about to be returned and the canal sojourn recommenced. […]

2016 Journey to Come

Here are some maps showing the route we shall be taking upon the waterways this year. This covers the Rhone, Soane, Canal des Vosges, Mosel, Rhein, and Mittelland Kanal.