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Port St Louis du Rhone Port St Louis du Rhone

Late this afternoon we arrived in Port St Louis du Rhone and the lock into the Rhone is just across from us. To date Gratis has taken us across 23,061nm at an average of 5.3kn/hr over a total of 4201 hours (just over 175 days). Not bad in 3 years of travel.

Calanque de Magiou Calanque de Magiou

A delightful anchorage at the base of limestone cliffs in 12 metres of water clear waters in Calanque de Magiou.

Point Rousset, Ile de Porquerolles Point Rousset, Ile de Porquerolles

A gentle day of motoring in which we saw numerous gaff rigs under full sail brought us to the peaceful anchorage of Point Rousset on the Ile de Porquerolles. This morning we are motoring to Cassis.

Port of Rome to Porto Azzurro, Elba (Elbe) Port of Rome to Porto Azzurro, Elba (Elbe)

A pleasant all night sail/motor where fishing boats were the only hazards to really beware of: in the Mediterranean very few have AIS and many don’t use their lights. Even when they see you, the helmsman will abruptly make a turn and head directly for you. The Isle of Elba (, some parts of which […]

2016 Mediterranean Journey
Elba Elba

Gratis has just been anchored in Porto Azzuro, Isle of Elba. In a first, we had calm waters all the way across. A tidbit: it was here that Napoleon was exiled for a short while after his first major defeat, but only a few months since he managed to escape – avoiding all military forces upon his way […]

Departing Porta di Roma

Just pulling out of Porta di Roma. Next stop Elba, then top of Corsica. About a day’s sail for each. Has been a lovely stay here. Close to buses and trains and fantastic facilities. 150 euro for the 3 nights.  

Return to Italy

After a tedious 3 day sail battling winds on the bow, we are heading into Reggio Calabria on mainland Italy. Wind blowing at 30 knots in Straits of Messina, so we will leaving the crossing over of the channel into Messina until tomorrow when it’s calmer. Sailing the Mediterranean is more difficult and uncomfortable than […]

Preveza, Greece to Messina, Italy Preveza, Greece to Messina, Italy

A quick visit to the water police where our papers were signed, then to customs for handing in and procurement of a copy for our records, departure for Messina Italy took place under clear sunlight skies. The thunder of jet fighters speeding overhead deafened our ears before the shadows of the planes welcomed their arrival […]

Nikopolos, Greece Nikopolos, Greece

A total turn around with the weather, sunny skies and humid: perfect for lunch in the plaza and a trip to Nikopolis, which was situated just 5km out of Preveza: where the towering mountain tops over looked the ancient township and sky blue waters of the Med lapped the shoreline. Miniscule insects buzzed, their hums […]

Nikopolis, Greece

A beautiful afternoon was spent at the ruins of Nikopolis, Greece, yesterday. Highlights of the day were the mosaics and the Odium (pictures once we arrive in Italy) We are on our way to Messina, Italy now and should arrive some time Wednesday.

Gaios, Paxoi to Preveza, Greece Gaios, Paxoi to Preveza, Greece

The full on blow predicted for the night before didn’t eventuate, with winds only topping 32 knot wind gusts. Even so, one gleaned an insight into the conditions upon the moorings here should a 50 knot southerly blow through. Boats rocked to and fro, up and down. Anchored close together, the concern was of masts […]

Paxos Paxos

A gentle rain this morning, as a front carrying southerly winds passed through. Winds on the nose and arriving around 14:00 with 50 knots predicted by the evening, a day spent relaxing in this tiny town was the name of the game. A quiet wander took us through the township to the west. A friendly […]

Paxoi, Greece

Yesterday we motored from Corfu to Paxoi (Paxos), Greece and moored in delightful Port Gaios where life appears relaxed and practically unchanged. Internet here is exceptionally slow, so pictures and spiel won’t be placed on until we arrive in Italy once more. A taste of Paxoi below. We are looking forward to returning after our […]

Petriti, Corfu to Paxoi, Greece Petriti, Corfu to Paxoi, Greece

The expected weather change arriving sooner than expected, we departed Petriti for Paxoi (or Paxos as it is also known by) which was situated 7nm south of Corfu. This little critter came along for a free ride. Sadly our exploration of Lefkemmi, the old capital of Corfu with its Venetian styled buildings and canal, must […]

Corfu Town to Petriti Corfu Town to Petriti

This was another day without exploration for Bob and I, as we all slept late and it was midday before the four of us disembarked Gratis. To our right was a small marina in which a massive motor yacht some how moored. Time rapidly passing us by, our objective is to arrive in France for […]


After a three day trip, we at last arrived in Sarandi, Albania and love it here. The country side is beyond our greatest imagining and people so friendly. The fresh water spring, Blue Eye was in a rain forest type setting so picturesque. The ancient Greek Roman ruins, Butrint indescribable. We are off to Corfu this […]

Saranda, Albania to Corfu Town, Corfu Saranda, Albania to Corfu Town, Corfu

Hair cut for 5 euro and eyebrow pluck for 2 euro – what a difference to the $50AUD+ we pay for a trim in Oz and Europe. To put everything into perspective, the average monthly wage was $400 euro per month. We departed for a mid – afternoon motor to the isle of Corfu: a […]

Blue Eye Blue Eye

High in the mountains, traipsing across a rickety wooden bridge in gently falling rain, one was carried back to the rainforests of Asia. It was here that Blue Eye dwelt: a fresh water spring which has its beginnings in Corfu. Water of the deepest most vibrant blues, turquoises and greens gaily burbled from the ground. Yes, […]

Seranda, Albania

5pm sun setting we approached Seranda, Albania. High mountain peaks enshrouded in thick grey clouds drew ever closer. Hillside grasses of drab olive greens were interspersed here and there with what appeared to be low shrub like bushes. Well into the bay, signs of civilization were as small villages became visible to the eye.   […]