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Lyon to Creches – sur – Saone, France Lyon to Creches – sur – Saone, France

With the pressure on to reach Germany, the decision to leave exploring the old part of Lyon until 2017 was made. Motoring out of the township was most pleasurable as we passed a juxtaposition of old and new. An imposing abbey stood tall upon the aged ramparts whilst in the lower walls tunnels led who […]

Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon Les Roches de Condrieu to Lyon

After three and a bit very pleasant relaxing days, we were on our way up the Rhone once more. Levels had continued falling thank goodness. Our initial plan had been that of motoring the short distance to Givors, where a new water heater (it hadn’t rained but hailed, when various items gave up the ghost […]

Les Roches de Condrieu Les Roches de Condrieu

A pair of white swans have their abode within the marina. This afternoon, espying Bob working on deck, they visited Gratis in search of a meal.   Damsel flies and fluorescent greens and blues lazed upon the mooring lines, whilst small birds twittered merrily away.

Lock Sablons to Les Roches de Condrieu Lock Sablons to Les Roches de Condrieu

Rain and thunderstorms overnight. Two days of 30+ and humidity had come to an end as thunderstorms passed in the distance and gentle rain fell upon us. Decision made this morning. A 20km motor to Les Roches de Condrieu where a relaxing couple of days would be spent. Ɛ22 per night for water, power, laundry […]

Lock Beauchastel to Lock Sablons Lock Beauchastel to Lock Sablons

Yet another lock to commence the day’s sojourn! Life jackets on, in we headed. Upon exiting, we discovered work being undertaken: just loved the brightness of the equipment! Birds delighted in perching upon the channel marker pylons. The landscape continued to be more picturesque as the day passed. Swans were so hilarious this day. Refusing to move as […]

Lock Chateauneuf to Lock Beauchastel Lock Chateauneuf to Lock Beauchastel

Clear skies, on we forged. Past castles: it was possible to trace the length of the outer protective walls on this one. Yachts, barges and tourist liners kept us busy. The swans: couldn’t believe the numbers we saw! The steam from nuclear power stations towered into the skies. People at work. A wave or two, […]

Rhone Open to Pleasure Craft

The Rhone river and current are down, sun shining and weather warm. Through the first lock on our own: what a breeze compared to the Midi and Garonne Canals! After a four day wait, we are cruising up the Rhone once more!

Lock Avignon Lock Avignon

After sailing to Greece and back with us, our friends Anne and Cliff departed early this morning. The waters of the Rhone still at 3700 m³/s, continuing on was still not an option. For Bob and myself, a trip to the supermarket to restock for the trip to Lyon was the go.

At Lock Avignon At Lock Avignon

News not good for continuing this morning: the current peaked at 3700 m³/sec yesterday, and was at 4300 m³/sec this morning. Bob surmises that it will be Monday/Tuesday before we continue on our way. In the meantime, we relax and can amble into other nearby townships. At the moment the four of us – yes […]

Departing Avignon after a lovely day’s motor Departing Avignon after a lovely day’s motor

Check out our French Page.   As time permits I will continue adding the remainder of the 2015 journey through the Garonne and Midi Canals.  

Vallabregues Lock to Avignon, France Vallabregues Lock to Avignon, France

Not such an early start to the day since the lock didn’t operate on set hours. Massive barges entered or exited on a regular basis. A gentle overnight rain washed the decks. 0700, life jackets – they are a prerequisite to entering the locks on the rivers – on, lock light green, and in we […]

Port st Louis to Vallabregues Lock Port st Louis to Vallabregues Lock

A 0530 start as we entered the lock at its first opening time an hour later. Radio call on channel 19: no answer, so we prepared anyway. In and looped around the poles set into the wall, it was a sedate rise compared to the canal locks of last year. Into the flow of the […]

Port St Louis du Rhone

Winds predicted yesterday arvo 10kn (20km). In actuality 40kn (80km) and continual. Winds predicted today 15kn (60km), Bob’s guess is this will mean gusts from 50 – 60kn (100-120km). Departure tomorrow instead. A day of rest at last!

Port St Louis du Rhone, France Port St Louis du Rhone, France

This morning the four of us caught sight of the Lock that allows boats to enter and exit the Rhone at work. Unlike the Garonne River, due to the mouth being silted, it is impossible to enter an other way. Going for a wander today, Bob and I checked out Port Napoleon, the place where the […]