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Cochem, Germany Cochem, Germany

After a 72km motor at 10 – 11km/hr (the current increased a little yesterday) we arrived in Cochem late afternoon. A quick wander showed us what a beautiful town it is. Tomorrow morning we shall be visiting its castle. Every day there is something new to view: Canoeists in the lock. A massive new brudge under […]

Schweich, Germany to Bernkastel – Kues Schweich, Germany to Bernkastel – Kues

After Trier, we found that with each tributary passed, the river flow increased a little more: in comparison with the Rhone and Saone the current was nothing about which to be concerned. A bit of excitement this particular day, as we approached Bridge Thὅrnich. A group of young men were enjoying the adrenalin rush of […]

Bernkastel-Kues, Germany Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

Our night stop is at this delightful town of Bernkastel – Kues. If ever the chance arises, it is a must to visit.      

Schengen, Luxembourg to Schweich, Germany Schengen, Luxembourg to Schweich, Germany

Coffee was had amidst the rocking swells created by the passing barges. This was the land of the grapes. Hillsides steep, the vines grew in neat as a pin soldier – like lines. Sadly, our planned stopover at the entrance to the Syre Gorge, Luxembourg, didn’t eventuate. On arriving at the entrance, it was with […]

Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg Metz, France to Schengen, Luxembourg

A long day that saw us arrive on the outskirts of the small country town of Schengen, the town where numerous European countries met to write up the Schengen Agreement. One important aspect for the traveller is the time allowed in each country that signed on and became a member of the Schengen agreement. If […]

Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France

  Another lazy start that eventually found us moseying through the Black forest for the last time: low cloud, left over from last night’s rain enshrouded the hills. Mountain wildflowers decorated the countryside – a gentle contrast to the greens – rain seemed to have brightened them. Moss decorated tree trunks, beautiful in the soft […]

Freiburg to Bad Wildbad Freiburg to Bad Wildbad

  Freiburg im Briesgau is a town that ‘calls to me’, and was a place that I wished to share with Bob. Disappointingly, a chill morning in which rain fell, meant fully exploring the township of didn’t happen: we so don’t do well in the cold! The tourist on foot has the opportunity of entering […]

Zermatt, Switzerland to Freiburg im Briesgau, Germany Zermatt, Switzerland to Freiburg im Briesgau, Germany

There was a slight chill to the air when we arose at the crack of dawn. There was method to our madness: viewing the Matterhorn in the glow of the rising sun. Bob attired in shorts, t – shirt and fleecy windcheater, and myself in leggings, skirt, sleeveless top, long sleeved top and fleecy windcheater, […]

Oberammergau to Liggersdorf Oberammergau to Liggersdorf

What a delightful day! A last few buildings covered in frescoes detailed nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and fables. Bob and I travelled through pasturelands and mountainous countryside where the grey rubble of landslides was a regular occurrence – an occasional cyclist wasn’t deterred. The landscape became increasingly more rugged upon entering Austria for a short […]

Strasbourg, France to Blaubeuren, Germany Strasbourg, France to Blaubeuren, Germany

Today saw us enter Germany and the Schwarzwald, land of the cuckoo clock, black forest cake and pom – pom hats. With its neat as a pin towns, white washed houses, mixed with wooden balconies, beams and flowers, Germany was so incredibly different to France. The commencement of our journey took us through cherry and […]

2016 Journey to Come

Here are some maps showing the route we shall be taking upon the waterways this year. This covers the Rhone, Soane, Canal des Vosges, Mosel, Rhein, and Mittelland Kanal.

Books For Cruising German Waterways
German Canal Guides

With the official books on the Canal and River systems of Germany only written in German, there is more than one way to skin a cat when you can’t speak or read the language. The solution is a little time consuming, but well worth the effort. Today I have commenced scanning the relevant information and saving […]

Canal Guides

The last of our chart books for the canals arrived yesterday. It is now full steam ahead with the planning. The German books will be interesting, for unlike the French, there is no English translation provided. A quick learning curve in acquiring the German language is coming up for us.  

Planning the Trip

I may not have been up and about today, but still put the time to good use. After several hours, the numbers have roughly been counted: 1700km from Port Saint Louis, France to just before Potsdam, Germany (here we will plot our last part of the trip as we draw closer) 166 locks to lock forward […]

2016 Journey in the Final Planning Stages

Our journey to Berlin through the Rivers and canals of Europe is well into its final planning. It will see us sail to Port St Louis for removal and storage of the mast. From there, it will be into the Rhone, Soane, Mosele and Rhein Rivers, followed by the Mittelland Kanal into Berlin.