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A Yacht Renamed A Yacht Renamed

Saliander officially became known as Australis 1 back in late March, but we had a six month window in which to ticks all the boxes required. This week was the week. The last of her old name ‘Saliander’ removed, the lettering denoting our girl as ‘Australis 1’ to all was adhered to the stern and […]

Life is Never Boring! Life is Never Boring!

It’s been another busy week aboard Australis 1.   A new post from NZ is also online.    

2020 2020

  Then time for some sailing…..   Maps sourced from Googlemaps, 2020

New Davit Lines New Davit Lines

From aged wire with sharp hidden spikes to new dyneema. A bit of work, but well worth the effort.

New Zealand to Australia: Day Twelve New Zealand to Australia: Day Twelve

LAND AT LAST!!   After yet another boisterous night, a ‘massive’ 28nm were attained over a five hour duration.   0400 and we sighted the bright as day lights of fishing boats upon the distant horizon. Yes, civilisation wasn’t far off now and our hearts lightened when the numbers on the GPS read 64nm remaining […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten

A STORM!   Awakened to the sound of howling winds and winches grinding, it was with a rush – or as much as one could in the conditions – that I hastened upstairs. The storm, I discovered, had struck with ferocious vengeance.   Cliff was at the helm, Bob on the starboard gennie sheet winch […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Eight New Zealand to Australia: Day Eight

AND THE WIND DIED!   With the rising of the dawn, Australis 1 was placed on a beam reach and headed directly for New Castle. 415nm remained of the journey and we were now on the home stretch – or so we thought! Once more, the main’s upper cars hadn’t held up to the strain […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven

Disbelief, as just before dawn, the auto pilot, decided it was no longer able to cope with the conditions made and experienced non – stop hissy fits.   Two hours or so of constantly dealing with constantly correcting large directional errors that took place as she gave way, the decision to go to manual control […]

Oneroa Bay, New Zealand Oneroa Bay, New Zealand

A long sandy beach where holiday ‘shacks’ lined the shoreline, the perfect spot for a night’s stay. The silence was complete.   Interesting Read

Napuna Bay, New Zealand Napuna Bay, New Zealand

The Corona Virus was taking hold in Auckland and the regions south of the city. Now at level four restrictions, a quick motor into Paihia for a restock. The last of our condiments purchased, it was time to find a more comfortable anchorage – the ferries and boat traffic make the Paihia mooring a little […]

Whale Bay, New Zealand Whale Bay, New Zealand

With perfect weather, there was time for a sojourn ashore. Dinghy readied, and we were off. A loop around Australis 1. It looked like we weren’t the only ones! The tide was coming in…… There was a bit of a climb ahead! Oh, the views were so worth the effort.  

Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand Paihia to Whale Bay: New Zealand

Covered in more than 150 islands, the Bay of islands was created when the rising sea flooded green river valleys, leaving in their place picturesque landscape and marvellous anchorages. This morning, a short motor took Australis 1 roughly 9km north of Paihia to the anchorage of Whale Bay.     Volcanic activity is evident in […]

Boat Winch Battery Boat Winch Battery

Today found Bob working on the anchor winch battery. Connected to the house batteries which are situated level with the entrance to the boat, with the anchor winch battery positioned in the forward cabin, it is quite a cable run to connect the two. As a result, there is a lack of charge to the […]

Bulskampveld, Belgium Bulskampveld, Belgium

Just a four kilometre bike ride from Beernem, a castle resides in the beautiful landscape of Bulskampveld. In this picturesque and tranquil landscape visitor finds walking and riding paths that lead one through heavily forested sections in which ferns grow, across open heathlands in across which water courses run, and a large lake where it […]

Kortrijk to Beernem, Belgium Kortrijk to Beernem, Belgium

The morning found us back on the Leie, pointing the bow of Gratis Gent way for a few kilometres. With the prop requiring its new anode sooner rather than later, we were having to pick up a little pace. Two locks with drops of under three metres were the only stops along the way, were […]

Safe in Cape Town

After an interesting sail, we moored in the yacht club marina early last night. Just a few pics to whet the appetite.  


Tidied the forward cabin and purchased the first of the food. Weather checks are now a daily job. Our new logo is well under way and is going to look fantastic. Tome is now revamping the blog itself. We are so excited.

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