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What Does BOAT Really Mean? What Does BOAT Really Mean?
Beaufort Scale Beaufort Scale

The Beaufort Scale is used by sailors as a guide to estimate wind speed without the use of instruments. They do this by looking at the effects the wind has upon the waves. For example, 0 denotes calm seas and 12 cyclone strength winds.   Link For an easy read about the history of the […]

Following Sea Following Sea

In a following sea, the wind blows from behind and the wave direction is going in  the same direction as the boat.  

Life on Board Update Life on Board Update

Life is never boring…..      

2020 2020

  Then time for some sailing…..   Maps sourced from Googlemaps, 2020

New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten New Zealand to Australia: Day Ten

A STORM!   Awakened to the sound of howling winds and winches grinding, it was with a rush – or as much as one could in the conditions – that I hastened upstairs. The storm, I discovered, had struck with ferocious vengeance.   Cliff was at the helm, Bob on the starboard gennie sheet winch […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven New Zealand to Australia: Day Seven

Disbelief, as just before dawn, the auto pilot, decided it was no longer able to cope with the conditions made and experienced non – stop hissy fits.   Two hours or so of constantly dealing with constantly correcting large directional errors that took place as she gave way, the decision to go to manual control […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day 6 New Zealand to Australia: Day 6

The albatross returned and entertain us this morning. Over our ocean travels, Bob and I had discovered why seamen of yesteryear were so superstitious on sighting these magnificent birds – in actuality, the reason goes for any sea bird. In lighter conditions the birds soar gracefully between the swells and over the waves but, as […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day 5 New Zealand to Australia: Day 5

Day five of what was proving to be the ‘slow boat to China´, the waters were slightly improved, but not much.   For the first time since the last sail car had broken, the boys were able to substitute the main’s top car with one from below. Repairs completed, the sail was raised and set […]

New Zealand to Australia: Day Three New Zealand to Australia: Day Three

On arising from below, Bob and I were greeted by the sight of rolling hills, the leftover result from those overnight squalls. Grey skies were brightened by the rarity of the brightest of rainbows as the sun fought to break her way through the clouds’ dreary domination. On undertaking the daily sail check, one of […]

A Walk & A Dinghy Ride in Oneroa & Paroa Bays A Walk & A Dinghy Ride in Oneroa & Paroa Bays

First off, a dinghy ride into shore. Homes were well hidden amongst the greens. A walk upon Oneroa Beach. People were making good use of their time during COVID lockdown. I love the patterns found in the sand. There was our beautiful girl! Could the Bay of Islands get any better?   Well…….   1.5nm […]

Oneroa Bay, New Zealand Oneroa Bay, New Zealand

A long sandy beach where holiday ‘shacks’ lined the shoreline, the perfect spot for a night’s stay. The silence was complete.   Interesting Read

Napuna Bay, New Zealand Napuna Bay, New Zealand

The Corona Virus was taking hold in Auckland and the regions south of the city. Now at level four restrictions, a quick motor into Paihia for a restock. The last of our condiments purchased, it was time to find a more comfortable anchorage – the ferries and boat traffic make the Paihia mooring a little […]

Whale Bay, New Zealand Whale Bay, New Zealand

With perfect weather, there was time for a sojourn ashore. Dinghy readied, and we were off. A loop around Australis 1. It looked like we weren’t the only ones! The tide was coming in…… There was a bit of a climb ahead! Oh, the views were so worth the effort.  

Butrint, Albania Butrint, Albania

Butrint, UNESCO World Heritage site, and what a magnificent story it had to tell. An assortment of Roman Villas, temples, cemeteries, in conjunction with Venetian and Ottoman castles made this site unique. Set within a massive lagoon in which dense vegetation has once more run wild, and in sight of the mountain range that separates Albania […]

Ushaka Marine World

Yesterday saw us catch a taxi to the Ushaka Marine World. Here one could meander along the promenade exploring the shops and partaking of a meal. A Wet and Wild theme park was perfect for those seeking relief from the humidity and heat or just looking for sheer excitement. No, we two didn’t venture in […]

The last of the images taken at the Zulu village are on

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