Running Creek, Queensland to Bonalbo, New South Wales: Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, New South Wales, Queensland

DSC_6893 a 72

With a gremlin still playing havoc with the 12 volt system and causing Bob great frustration, it was time to move on to a powered site this morning. Despite wishing to remain longer for further exploration, back to highway 13 we motored. (Although it was possible to continue into NSW via Running Creek Road, the bridge limit of 5 tonnes … Read More

Platypus Hunting, Running Creek: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

DSC_32441st Nov Running Creek a 72

Tonight was the night! Time for a platypus hunt! These elusive creatures live throughout the region, and they are to be found hunting food in the pools of Running Creek. On dusk, across the park and down to the creek went Bob and I, where crystal clear waters gaily ran through the valley. Creating burrows hidden in the undergrowth upon the side … Read More

The Lost World Valley and Christmas Creek: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

00828th Oct Lost World Valley a crop 72

Having driven to Beaudesert, a turn into Kerry Road had us heading south toward the imposing Razorback Mountain, on the south western edge of Lamington National Park. The region of The Lost World Valley, settled in the late 1800’s, bushland had been cleared to make way for the open green pastureland on which dairy cows and cattle are fattened today. … Read More

Lamington National Park, Green Mountain Section: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

00326th Lamington South a 72

This morning’s drive took us along roads where the trees are starting to burst with colours of red and gold, and into what is known as the Green Mountain section of Lamington NP and O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. Situated on the western side of the Lamington plateau, this was once the northern edge of the Mount Warning Shield Volcano that was … Read More

Tamborine National Park: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

DSC_2192a 72

A surprise as we motored up the mountain this morning. A group of paragliders were enjoying a ride upon the thermals. First stop, Cedar Creek Falls and Lookout. Dry except for a series of rock pools, the sun beat down upon the unwary with a burning fury. Brush turkeys scratched, minor birds called, and magpies warbled. A beautiful spot for … Read More

Mount Tamborine/Tamborine Mountain: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

03524th Oct Mt Tamborine skywalk a 72

This east Australian landscape experienced the ravages of a shield volcano, with its volcanic rim plateau resulting from both the lava flows that enshrouded the region millions of years in the past, and the weathering that later took place. By the time the volcano’s eruptions ceased, it had attained a height of 2,000m with a diameter of 100km, ‘forming a … Read More

Helensvale to Advancetown: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

DSC_1721a 72

Both of us feeling more with it, the rig was readied under a black threatening sky, across which bright forks of lightning flashed, whilst thunder boomed in the distance. Ready at last, off we set, and down came the rain. With each passing second the temperature plummeted further, whilst the heavens bucketed down with ever increasing speed. As vision became … Read More

Brisbane to Helensvale: Queensland, Australia

gratisaustralisAustralia, Australia 2017, Queensland

The 2017/18 summer season, our first, in Rolling G commenced as Bob and I completed preparing the rig, waved the family ‘goodbye’ and commenced the journey to Lamington National Park. Still recovering from unpleasant colds, it was only a few hours later that we called it a day and halting short of the mark at the Gold Coast Holiday Park … Read More

Australian Journey 2017

gratisaustralisAustralia, New South Wales, Queensland

The Rolling G rig is almost ready to go. The wet season is well in its way, so we have altered plans and are heading to New England in New South Wales this time. We hope to depart either tomorrow arvo or Saturday morning.

Rolling G preparations

gratisaustralisAustralia, Queensland

DSC_0464 72

Yep! We have christened the van. In keeping with ‘Big G’, the it is now officially ‘Rolling G’. We are still thinking about a name for the pajero. A few quick snaps with the phone! There are times that one has need to travel some distance to find what they are looking for. With the local Bunnings having the items we … Read More

And She Is A Beauty!

gratisaustralisAustralia, Queensland


It’s been a busy couple of days that have left us exhausted and falling into bed at night. Prior to collecting the van on Wednesday, we drove to Kedron Car Electrics (auto electrician) who wre situated in Kate Street, Kedron, in order to find out what the issue was with regards to the brake lights and so forth not working … Read More

Brisbane, Here We Are

gratisaustralisAustralia, Queensland

A three and a half hour drive through lush green countryside, where large pools of water from the last of the March rains still lay, brought us to the outskirts of Brisbane. Our track led us through the exquisitely beautiful region of the Darling Downs and Great Dividing Range. A mix of endless paddocks and forest covered the countryside. A few … Read More

Cobar, NSW to Dalby Qld

gratisaustralisAustralia, Queensland, Sailing

12 hours driving interspersed with breaks and over 918km later, we arrived in Dalby. Beautiful country. Lots of trees, surprisingly green with a great deal of water still laying in the low areas, emus, cattle, a few goats, horses, and a couple of wedge – tailed eagles. Excitement for the day came when the lights picked up a kangaroo standing … Read More

Loving Peregian Beach, Queensland

gratisaustralisAustralia, Queensland

DSC_0343a 72

Balmy days and beach wanderings. Tiny crabs scuttling  and scurrying whilst cockles are rapidly burrowing. Lucia received quite a shock upon digging a spot where she espied the bubbles emitted by what she believed to be a cockle hiding. A loud “Ouch” and tears ensued. A tiny finger had been nipped: a crab at work or a cockle snapping?????? Meanwhile, a … Read More