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New Zealand to Australia: Day 6 New Zealand to Australia: Day 6

The albatross returned and entertain us this morning. Over our ocean travels, Bob and I had discovered why seamen of yesteryear were so superstitious on sighting these magnificent birds – in actuality, the reason goes for any sea bird. In lighter conditions the birds soar gracefully between the swells and over the waves but, as […]

Bulskampveld, Belgium Bulskampveld, Belgium

Just a four kilometre bike ride from Beernem, a castle resides in the beautiful landscape of Bulskampveld. In this picturesque and tranquil landscape visitor finds walking and riding paths that lead one through heavily forested sections in which ferns grow, across open heathlands in across which water courses run, and a large lake where it […]

Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey Initial Preparations for the 2017 European Journey

Well, here it is! With the aid of books by Tom Sommers (, the initial route planning options for our 2017 tour through northern Germany and the Netherlands is completed. By Car: Mecklenburg Lakes in first Gratis, then Little G2 Canal River Route Take 2 through the Netherlands.   Take 3 Distances.  

2014 2014
2017 Journey 2017 Journey

Preparing this year’s route from Spandau, Germany to Basel, Switzerland. We thought the mapping for last year was a bit tricky. Working out the best route through Holland and Belgium is even more difficult! It turns out, the shortest route is heading upstream via mostly rivers. Hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Maybe not the fastest after all. Need to […]

Rolling G preparations Rolling G preparations

Yep! We have christened the van. In keeping with ‘Big G’, the it is now officially ‘Rolling G’. We are still thinking about a name for the pajero. A few quick snaps with the phone! There are times that one has need to travel some distance to find what they are looking for. With the local […]

Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany Legnica, Poland to Goeda, Germany

Prior to departing Legnica, we visited the archives office which happened to be just around the corner, I discovered after a search on the net. The people here couldn’t have been more helpful – quite different to the Polish of earlier days. Taken into a large room, we were told to wait whilst the receptionist […]

Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland

This was the day we took to explore what remained of the old town of Legnica. Driving along the road entering the city, one espied first a massive modern cemetery, then just past it a much older one left dilapidated and covered in thick jungle. Today, Bob and I had a closer look. It turned […]

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz)

Spalona (Heinersdorf) & Prochowice (Parchwitz) Yes, I had the wrong Heinersdorf. As we travelled and I took real note of most distances travelled by the family, I developed a niggling feeling that, in the scheme of things, Chwalecice wasn’t the township in which Johanna – Gottlieb’s wife -had been born. A bit more research and I […]

Gorzow Wielkopolski to Chwalecice to Scinawa (Steinau) to Parszowice (Porschwitz) to Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland Gorzow Wielkopolski to Chwalecice to Scinawa (Steinau) to Parszowice (Porschwitz) to Legnica (Liegnitz), Poland

For people with dietary issues, be aware! During our first 24 hours in this region of Poland, we discovered it became increasingly difficult to source wheat/gluten free foods – often its meaning wasn’t understood. Scrambled eggs, sautéed grilled meats and so forth will most likely contain the ingredients. It was best to keep to the plainest of […]

Potsdam, Germany to Chwalecice (Heinersdorf) to Szcezecin to Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland Potsdam, Germany to Chwalecice (Heinersdorf) to Szcezecin to Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland

Some years past, my (Karyle) father had commenced researching his family tree and arrived at a dead – end on the eve prior to their point of departure at Hamburg, Germany. Basic information – such as birth dates and place of birth – on the family members that made the journey was gleaned from the […]

Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France Bad Wildbad, Germany to Molsheim, France

  Another lazy start that eventually found us moseying through the Black forest for the last time: low cloud, left over from last night’s rain enshrouded the hills. Mountain wildflowers decorated the countryside – a gentle contrast to the greens – rain seemed to have brightened them. Moss decorated tree trunks, beautiful in the soft […]

Freiburg to Bad Wildbad Freiburg to Bad Wildbad

  Freiburg im Briesgau is a town that ‘calls to me’, and was a place that I wished to share with Bob. Disappointingly, a chill morning in which rain fell, meant fully exploring the township of didn’t happen: we so don’t do well in the cold! The tourist on foot has the opportunity of entering […]

Zermatt, Switzerland to Freiburg im Briesgau, Germany Zermatt, Switzerland to Freiburg im Briesgau, Germany

There was a slight chill to the air when we arose at the crack of dawn. There was method to our madness: viewing the Matterhorn in the glow of the rising sun. Bob attired in shorts, t – shirt and fleecy windcheater, and myself in leggings, skirt, sleeveless top, long sleeved top and fleecy windcheater, […]

Pont Vieux de Vias

This sight tickled our fancy on the way to Vias yesterday.   A peaceful anchorage for the next few days. Sunday will see us heading through what is called the ‘Round Lock’ onto the Herault River for a 5km motor to Grau Agde where the mast will be reinstalled on Monday/Tuesday.   A sad sight […]


  [map style=”width: auto; height:400px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” address=”Pauillac” marker=”yes”]   We go to explore Pauillac today. Mast down tomorrow. Some shots from the marina.      

La Rochelle

After a 12 day sail from Flores, the Azores, we have arrived safely in La Rochelle, France. Click the link below to the page for our travels of 2015.  

Safe in Cape Town

After an interesting sail, we moored in the yacht club marina early last night. Just a few pics to whet the appetite.  

Ushaka Marine World

Yesterday saw us catch a taxi to the Ushaka Marine World. Here one could meander along the promenade exploring the shops and partaking of a meal. A Wet and Wild theme park was perfect for those seeking relief from the humidity and heat or just looking for sheer excitement. No, we two didn’t venture in […]