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Huissignies to Peruwelz, Belgium Huissignies to Peruwelz, Belgium

After the most peaceful of nights, the arrival of the lock operators at 8:30 it was an early start for all. With a barge joining the group, there were two teams, with us being in the second. Between Huissignies, the water level occasionally dropped to 1.7m, but mostly stayed at 1.9m and above. We found […]

Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium

Prior to departing Geraadsbergen, we made the required phone call (0675679124) to the office of those operating the locks and bridges upstream, notifying them of our coming. This was the section of the Dender River that was causing the concern, as the English canal books were all stating a 1m or less draft was required. The […]

Bike ride to Zottegem and the Provincial Archaeological Museum, Velzeke:Belgium Bike ride to Zottegem and the Provincial Archaeological Museum, Velzeke:Belgium

Another beautiful bike ride through Belgian farming country led us from Geraardsbergen to first the township of Zottegem, then on to the museum in Velzeke. There was just one word to describe this museum: sensational!!!! Covering a time period from 300,000BC to the present, the past was brought to life via a variety of mediums. […]

Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen

We headed out to enjoy a ride through Kortelake Nature Reserve. Situated just south of Geraardsbergen, sadly, we found that like those we had attempted to enter before, this too only allowed the cyclist to enjoy the periphery. For those who, like Bob, can’t walk long distances this means missing out on enjoying some of […]

The Muur (Wall), Geraadsbergen: Belgium The Muur (Wall), Geraadsbergen: Belgium

Today we undertook the bike ride up the Muur (wall of Geraadsbergen) which led us up Oudenburg hill that overlooks the township. Commencing near the Dender, with a length of 1,075 metres one finds themselves steering the bike up a steep – at times 20% – incline on which lay cobblestones set horizontally: this was […]

Geraadsbergen, Belgium Geraadsbergen, Belgium

Bob and I were thanking our lucky stars that we had the electrics today, for it would have been hard yakka with our old bikes. Set high upon a hilltop, the old town square of Geraardsbergen with its impressive church and town hall is quite a sight. The church was pretty impressive, to0. We loved […]

Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium

Last night we discovered the largest laundromat we have come across in Europe. In another first, it also boasted a toilet, hand basin and provided paper towel – and was only a two minute walk away. With washing needing to be done, our prayers were answered. This morning we zoomed through the washing. The afternoon […]

Mercator Museum, Sint Niklaas: Belgium Mercator Museum, Sint Niklaas: Belgium

Being a sailor, the Mercator Museum in Sint Niklaas was just the thing to interest Bob, so off we went and weren’t disappointed. Since man first realised the world was round, cartographers had met with what seemed an insurmountable problem: that of representing our spherical world on a flat surface. Once the area being depicted […]

Antwerp to Lier, Belgium Antwerp to Lier, Belgium

Informed by the harbourmaster that the bridge out of the marina would be closed Sunday, our departure was moved forward to this morning. We had to take a snapshot of this. Locks, how you love and hate them! No matter where you are, no two locks are the same, which means the cruiser must prepared […]

Peerdsbos, Belgium Peerdsbos, Belgium

A 10km ride took us from Antwerp to the edge of the Peerdsbos, a delightful nature area that was created when the land forming a number of manors once owned by the nobility was taken over the by the state. Once an area of woods, field and meadows, polders and dikes were created to provide […]

Museums of Antwerp: Antwerp, Belgium Museums of Antwerp: Antwerp, Belgium

We discovered a secret. On the last Wednesday of every month, entry to Antwerp’s museums is free and we made the most of it.   MAS Museum Each floor dealt with a different display. That showcasing items from various cultures held our interest most. From the top floor, there was quite a view. Can you find […]

Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium

This day saw us re – entering Belgium, via the Schelde – Rijn Canal. One easy lock, One of the reasons why a boat must be secured. and a lifting bridge or two made for an easy 40km or so motor. Large ships were towed in by tug. The building at the bridge […]

Ghent, Belgium Ghent, Belgium

Castle of the Counts, St Nicholas’ Church, the Belfry, Roeland’s Bell, and St Bavo’s Cathedral It may sound a lot, but Bob and took our time. The Castle of the Counts is the last remaining bastion from the 10th century medieval period that still retains much of its defence structure. This section of land on […]

Wemeldinge to Terneuzen Wemeldinge to Terneuzen

Today, the 9th June, found Bob and I arising to yet another foggy morning – last year it was rain, this year it’s fog: not that we are complaining. We will take fog over rain any day! Having lost a week, and already being a little behind in the itinerary, the decision was made to […]

Lauwersoog to Dokkum: Groningen, Netherlands Lauwersoog to Dokkum: Groningen, Netherlands

This morning Gratis took us along the Dokkumer Dijp, followed a few kilometres later by the Dokkumer Grutdjip Canals. With the bridge operators taking time off for lunch, we dined on the canal bank for the midday break. Upon the canals today white swans dined on their culinary delight of water weeds and small critters, […]