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Natural Science Museum, Brussels Natural Science Museum, Brussels

Another museum well worth visiting, as we were led through time from the Big Bang. Well set out, with more than enough to keep all ages intrigued. there were paths and seats, 3D displays, slideshows, and short films.   Water and land, it was all there. Most impressive was the section on the dinosaurs. […]

More of the 2017 Germany Journey On

Click on the links to find out more about the last of our days in the Thuringian Wald. Leonberg Hofingen To Breitungen, Germany   Fulda, Germany Breitungen to Saalfeld, Thuringianwald, Germany  

A Day in Meissen, Germany, 2016 is now online

It’s taken a while, but we have to share our time spent in this beautiful township. Bautzen to Meissen, Germany

2017 2017

Queensland to NSW trip 2017 Maps from Euro Canals and Googlemaps  

Back in Oz Back in Oz

Our European 2017 season has come to a close. We landed in Brisbane after a good flight back. Now it’s time to bring out the ‘Rolling G’ right and head north for a month or so.   Check out our 2017 and 2018 journey in the Rolling G rig.  

Emden, Germany to Delfzijl, Netherlands Emden, Germany to Delfzijl, Netherlands

The weather cold and dreary, appearing ready to rain, we had departed our mooring in Emden by 09:00. Schleuse contacted, at that point, we were informed they would have it ready for us. On arrival at the gate, a quick radio call – it’s VHF 13 here – and the massive structure gradually slid open. […]

Aurich to Emden: Ostfriesland, Germany Aurich to Emden: Ostfriesland, Germany

It was a beautiful warm return journey to Emden: until the rain set in, that is. Bridge operators cycling hard to keep up. You can just see him operating the controls on the bridge. Past us went the boats. Drehbrucke opened. Out the other side. Remember that raft with the wheelbarrow, chairs, outboard motor and […]

Moormuseum, Moordorf: Ostfriesland, Germany Moormuseum, Moordorf: Ostfriesland, Germany

A short seven kilometre bike ride from Aurich is Moordorf, and it is here that the visitor finds the Moormuseum. Located on just over three acres of peat land, this is an open – air museum that leads one through the colonisation of the town: as dictated by the Prussian Kaiser, Friedrich II, in his […]

Aurich, Ost Friesland, Germany Aurich, Ost Friesland, Germany

There is only one drawback to the Ostfriesland region: it rains every few days. The general pattern appears to be 3 days sunshine – the third of which becomes hot and humid with no wind, then a day or two of grey with continual rain and little wind, followed immediately by a change in wind […]

Emden to Aurich, Ostfriesland Emden to Aurich, Ostfriesland

This was our day for journeying upon 25km of the Ems – Jade Canal to Aurich and a delightful one it was too, with its lifting or turning bridges, and a lock or two. The kilometre markings at the commencement of the journey slightly unclear, and no names on the bridges, the first of the […]

Emden, Ost Friesland, Germany

By 08:30 this morning, the phone call informing Bob the new starter motor had arrived came. Like a rocket, off Bob scampered, collected it and, upon his return, promptly installed the new part. It was at this point in time that he discovered the true source of the fault: a faulty soldered connector in the […]

Emden to Grosser Meer, Ost Friesland by Bike Emden to Grosser Meer, Ost Friesland by Bike

What more could an explorer want than a sunny, warm summer’s day, what more could one ask for when planning a cycle across the heathlands of Germany to the inland waters of Grosser Meer. With a depth of one metre, surrounded by meadowlands and edged with tall reeds, this lake provides the right breeding conditions for the bird […]

Electrical Glitch, Emden, Ost Friesland Electrical Glitch, Emden, Ost Friesland

Today our intended eastbound journey to Aurich came to an abrupt halt as, with the turn of the key, all that was to be heard was a choking croaking sound followed by a ‘whirrrrrrrr’. Key turned off, water shut down, ‘Bo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-b!!!!!’ Up he came to have a go. ‘Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!’ ‘Electrical problem,’ said Bob, and down […]

Emden to Suurhusen by Bike, Ost Friesland, Germany Emden to Suurhusen by Bike, Ost Friesland, Germany

Although a little windy, the weather seemingly cleared it was around mid – morning that Bob and I made the decision to go exploring by bike. Our destination, Norddeich, is situated on the North Sea coast and was approximately a two – hour cycle. One of the sights we love are the rail booms with […]

Emden, Ost Friesland, Germany Emden, Ost Friesland, Germany

An explore of the township today. Emden is only a small town, so it didn’t take long to come across the interesting highlights. It wasn’t that many decades ago that lighthouse ships like this one below were stationed out in the North Sea. No matter the weather or height of the seas, the people that […]

Emden, Germany

Rain, rain, rain!!!!!!!!!! Apparently this is the norm for here. What does one do? Tidy the boat and cook, cook, cook!!!!!!

Oldersum to Emden: Ems Seitenkanal, Germany Oldersum to Emden: Ems Seitenkanal, Germany

A foggy start to the day! What an easy morning. 5km/hr permitted, we moseyed down the canal. Mostly surrounded by farmland, it was a most peaceful setting where an occasional person or two were to be seen. Bob and I had now truly entered Ost Friesland, home of the Frisian Cow! For the bird lovers, […]

Dörpen to Oldersum: Kustenkanal, Ems River, Ems Seitenkanal, Germany Dörpen to Oldersum: Kustenkanal, Ems River, Ems Seitenkanal, Germany

Exiting the Dörpen lock, we moseyed down the last three kilometres of the Kustenkanal to its intersection with the Ems River. At first glance on approaching, it looked a little confusing with its four – way intersection. Fortunately, well sign posted by the authorities, the map and chart plotter at hand, our right turn went […]

Oldenburg to Dörpen, Kustenkanal, Germany Oldenburg to Dörpen, Kustenkanal, Germany

A few quick snapshots of our mooring area, and we were off. Today the canal was tree lined with the occasional market garden, peat loading docks or waterway entering, to alter the landscape for a short while. This sight gave us a bit of a laugh. It was with a bit of disappointment, that we […]

Oldenburg, Kustenkanal, Germany Oldenburg, Kustenkanal, Germany

This morning saw us undertake the short motor that took us beneath the Cäcilienbrücke and through the Oldenburg lock into the Kustenkanal. A peaceful mooring was found just past the lock opening and only 3km from the Altstadt. Work was being carried out on the opposite bank. At high water later in the day, it […]