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Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium Geraadsbergen to Ath, Belgium

Prior to departing Geraadsbergen, we made the required phone call (0675679124) to the office of those operating the locks and bridges upstream, notifying them of our coming. This was the section of the Dender River that was causing the concern, as the English canal books were all stating a 1m or less draft was required. The […]

Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen Kortelake Nature Reserve, Geraadsbergen

We headed out to enjoy a ride through Kortelake Nature Reserve. Situated just south of Geraardsbergen, sadly, we found that like those we had attempted to enter before, this too only allowed the cyclist to enjoy the periphery. For those who, like Bob, can’t walk long distances this means missing out on enjoying some of […]

The Muur (Wall), Geraadsbergen: Belgium The Muur (Wall), Geraadsbergen: Belgium

Today we undertook the bike ride up the Muur (wall of Geraadsbergen) which led us up Oudenburg hill that overlooks the township. Commencing near the Dender, with a length of 1,075 metres one finds themselves steering the bike up a steep – at times 20% – incline on which lay cobblestones set horizontally: this was […]

Geraadsbergen, Belgium Geraadsbergen, Belgium

Bob and I were thanking our lucky stars that we had the electrics today, for it would have been hard yakka with our old bikes. Set high upon a hilltop, the old town square of Geraardsbergen with its impressive church and town hall is quite a sight. The church was pretty impressive, to0. We loved […]

Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium Denderleeuw to Geraadsbergen, Belgium

Last night we discovered the largest laundromat we have come across in Europe. In another first, it also boasted a toilet, hand basin and provided paper towel – and was only a two minute walk away. With washing needing to be done, our prayers were answered. This morning we zoomed through the washing. The afternoon […]

Dendermonder to Denderleeuw, Belgium Dendermonder to Denderleeuw, Belgium

  The morning found Bob and I wandering around Dendermonde. The Beguinage museum is closed Mondays, but it was still possible to enjoy the quiet of the old sanctuary. The old canal leading into the town from the Dender had been closed, but the lock permitting entry showed signs of having been partially upgraded at […]

Dendermonde to Ath by train Dendermonde to Ath by train

This morning Bob and I caught the train to Ath in order to check out the viability of continuing first along the Dender then the Blaton – Ath canal: the section of canal we were concerned about was that between Geraardsbergen and Ath. Up until today, however, no two pieces of information were the same, […]

Mercator Museum, Sint Niklaas: Belgium Mercator Museum, Sint Niklaas: Belgium

Being a sailor, the Mercator Museum in Sint Niklaas was just the thing to interest Bob, so off we went and weren’t disappointed. Since man first realised the world was round, cartographers had met with what seemed an insurmountable problem: that of representing our spherical world on a flat surface. Once the area being depicted […]

Klein Willebroek to Dendemonde, Belgium Klein Willebroek to Dendemonde, Belgium

After much searching last night, with the help of the barge association website, Bob finally found the tide times page for the Bovenschelde. From there, in tandem with the small table in our Belgian Waterway book, it was possible to calculate high tide at the Winton Lock. Requiring the high tide to experience an easy […]

Brussels to Klein Willebroek, Belgium Brussels to Klein Willebroek, Belgium

Considering a night at the Clothilde waterskiclub, the decision was made to take the turn that led to the Winton lock. Passing one industrial site after another, we soon arrived at the marina. Although the position was pleasing to the eye, unfortunately, the conditions weren’t suitable for our girl, so around we turned returning to […]

Halle to Brussels, Belgium Halle to Brussels, Belgium

A short bike ride took us down to the next lock in search of more detailed information: there wasn’t a great deal of detail on the web page. The kindly keeper informed us the projected timeline for the repairs was ten days, but that could be indefinite. On making a comment about taking the Dender […]

Halle and the Ronquières Incline Plane, Belgium Halle and the Ronquières Incline Plane, Belgium

  The news on the lock wasn’t looking too good, so we decided to give it one more day before making a decision. Quite a cool day, there wasn’t much incentive to do much more than remain on board.

Brussels to Halle, Belgium Brussels to Halle, Belgium

This was the day we waved goodbye to Brussels and commenced our journey along the Brussels – Charleroi Canal. Unfortunately, it was a city that we just couldn’t connect with in the short time we were there. The waterway is filthy and dead fish float upon the canal’s surface, whilst the city itself had an overall feel […]

Coudenberg Palace, Brussels: Belgium Coudenberg Palace, Brussels: Belgium

It was a trip beneath ground for Bob and I today for here was to be found the remains of the former Coudenberg Palace. Once way back in time, high upon a hill overlooking a beautiful valley in which lay a tiny village, a family climbed and built a simple wooden keep. Over the years, […]

Champ de Bataille Waterloo, Belgium Champ de Bataille Waterloo, Belgium

An hour’s train journey and a 5km bike ride transported Bob and to the battlefield where Napoleon’s final downfall took place. Rising above the flat farming lands below, the memorial mound constructed in commemoration of the wound the Belgian monarch took during the midst of battle, is the first object that draws the visitor’s eye. […]

Natural Science Museum, Brussels Natural Science Museum, Brussels

Another museum well worth visiting, as we were led through time from the Big Bang. Well set out, with more than enough to keep all ages intrigued. there were paths and seats, 3D displays, slideshows, and short films.   Water and land, it was all there. Most impressive was the section on the dinosaurs. […]

Music Museum, Brussels Music Museum, Brussels

Sensational!!! Extraordinary!!!! These are two of the words that one can use to describe this incredible museum. Inaugurated in 1877, the collection initially consisted of 100 Indian instruments gifted to the Belgian king in 1876, and the purchase of musicologist, Francois – Joseph Fetis’ collection in 1872. Initially used for the sole purpose of introducing […]

Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Grote Markt(Grand Place), Royal Palace, Museum of the Black Sisters and Basilica. Having been advised it was far too dangerous to ride our bikes within the city centre , Bob and I chose to make use of the rail network: apparently, drivers have a bit of what we call road rage when it comes to cyclists […]

Klein Willebroek to Brussels, Belgium Klein Willebroek to Brussels, Belgium

Upon the relatively straight Zeekanaal Brussel Schelde, one lock, several lifting bridges and plenty of others beneath which we easily passed led us along a mostly industrial section of waterway, interspersed by a town here and there, or an occasional field. The twenty kilometres easily travelled, Gratis arrived at the Brussels Royal Yacht Club. Thirty metres […]

Lier to Klein Willebroek, Belgium Lier to Klein Willebroek, Belgium

Another 20km day of travel took us through the Duffel Lock and onto the tidal Beneden Nete. The lock at Duffel had more than enough bollards evenly spaced within the walls and presented no problems as the water level lowered. Another friendly lock operator informed us of bridge heights and wished us the best of […]